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IRISS Products Named Finalist for 2009 Plant Engineering Product of the Year

“We are really thrilled that the Special Panel of Plant Engineers in conjunction with Plant Engineering has recognized the safety and efficiency benefits which these products will deliver to industrial clients,” said Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS. “We are very excited to bring this product to market - it fills a great void for some medium and high voltage applications where companies are looking for a rugged solution which allows infrared inspection and helps satisfy the Lockout/Tagout requirements which require a visual inspection.”

The CAP-V, which IRISS released in September,  allows companies to conduct infrared surveys & visual inspection of energized electrical conductors and circuits, from a single impact resistant inspection panel, while keeping panel covers and doors closed.  Infrared thermography can detect electrical faults in power distribution equipment such as switchgear and transformers. By maintaining energized conductors and circuit parts in what NFPA and OSHA would consider an “enclosed” and “guarded” condition inspections using the CAP-V will eliminate the introduction of traditional triggers of an arc flash or other catastrophic electrical events associated with traditional open-panel inspections: safeguarding personnel, plant assets, production processes and ultimately safeguarding profits.

Tammi Pickett, Marketing Director, adds “We could not be happier to have received this vote of confidence from the Special Panel of Plant Engineers in conjunction Plant Engineering Magazine. Standards compliance is a hot-button issue right now with the recent release of the 2009 edition of NFPA 70E. The fact that IR windows provide immediate ROI and help companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars, while helping to prevent unplanned outages makes them all the more relevant as companies are trying to find ways to do more with fewer budget dollars. Save Time, Save Money, Stay Safe - with IRISS Infrared Windows.”

These products will be featured in a special section in the Plant Engineering November 2009 Issue which will allow readers to vote to select the winners.  The Product of the Year awards will be presented at the Plant Engineering Magazine Manufacturing Summit in March 2010 in Chicago, IL.

For more information about the IRISS family of products, please visit www.iriss.com.

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