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ISA releases advance program for its 2014 Process Control & Safety Symposium

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA (25 August 2014) - The International Society of Automation (ISA) today released the advance program for its 2014 Process Control & Safety Symposium, featuring world-class presentations, paper sessions, panel discussions, tutorials, training courses, vendor exhibitions, and other value-packed activities-all designed to help process measurement and control professionals in chemical and energy processing and other process industry sectors operate more safely and securely.

Leveraging the global expertise of six ISA technical divisions, the symposium is expected to draw more than 200 registrants 7-9 October 2014 in Houston, Texas USA. Attendees will learn how everyday decisions can have significant downstream results-both positively and negatively-on plant safety and security as well as on key quality and efficiency metrics.

An all-new event, the symposium brings ISA’s world-class technical content, training and exhibiting opportunities back to Houston in response to strong demand among the area’s automation professionals. Highlights include:

  • Four targeted ISA courses, led by ISA’s globally recognized subject matter experts.
  • Three keynote and invited speakers: Peter Martin, Ph.D., Vice President, Business Value Solutions, Invensys; Maurice Wilkins, Vice President, Yokogawa Global Strategic Technology Marketing Center; and Peggie Koon, Ph.D., 2014 ISA President and Vice President, Audience, Chronicle Media.
  • An extensive, content-rich technical program. (All sessions, segmented by topic, are listed further down in this press release.)
  • An outstanding vendor exhibit demonstrating the latest technologies and solutions from 25 industry leaders. (A complete list of exhibitors is included further down in this press release.) A special feature is Vendor Night, to be held on the evening of Tuesday, 7 October, when the exhibit hall will be open to all automation professionals in the Houston area at no charge, and a reception, with cash bar, will be offered.

Industry-proven ISA training in process safety, security and wireless systems
Attendees can choose from four industry-proven ISA courses (and earn valuable CEUs) encompassing the critical components of safety, security and wireless communications. The training courses, all of which will be conducted on Monday, 6 October, include:

  • Introduction to the Management of Alarm Systems (IC39C) - Focuses on the key activities of the alarm management lifecycle provided in the ANSI/ISA18.00.02 standard, Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries.
  • Introduction to Industrial Automation Security and the ANSI/ISA99 (IEC 62443) Standards (IC32C) - Concentrates on the fundamentals of the ANSI/ISA99 Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems standards and how these can be applied in the typical factory or plant.
  • An Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems (EC50C) - Covers the basics of the design and selection of safety systems, examining proper use of technology, level of redundancy, testing, field devices, and other considerations.
  • Industrial Wireless Systems (IC85C) - Examines the most relevant details of industrial wireless systems with an emphasis on how various technologies coexist, interoperate, and interact with each other. Numerous real-world examples are illustrated.

An expert-driven program of technical and tutorial sessions
Attendees are sure to gain practical knowledge they can immediately apply in the workplace through expert-delivered tutorials and incisive, thought-provoking paper sessions on safety, communications, chemicals, instrumentation and control, and other vital topics.

Learn all about the latest developments and emerging trends in process control and industrial cybersecurity that are determining future operational needs, expectations, and requirements.

Below are some of the truly outstanding sessions on the conference agenda, segmented by topic.

Chemicals Sessions

  • Introduction to Safety Instrumented System Management
  • A Practical Example of ISA 18.2 Instrument Signals and Alarms
  • Delivering Value through an Instrument Reliability Program
  • Employee Engagement-Driving Diversity in the Workforce
  • Our Equipment Works-But What About the Human in the Loop?
  • Human Factors for Project Managers
  • High Performance HMI Roundtable
  • Technology to Improve Pipeline and Terminal Delivery Efficiency
  • SCADA Integration
  • Upstream Application of High Performance HMI

Communication Sessions

  • Secure Communications for Process & Safety Systems: An Overview of Industry Communication Landscape-Challenges, Opportunities, Disruptive Technologies
  • What is Industrial Internet of Things? IoT-Process, IoT-Buildings, IoT-Manufacturing-A Panel Discussion
  • Wireless Network Technology for Sea Water Cooling Tower: Design and Implementation
  • New Movement of the Field Wireless Solutions to Realize the “Wireless Anywhere”
  • New Wireless IR Gas Detector for SIL2 Applications Using MEMS Technology
  • Protocols and Technologies for the Communication of Advanced Sensors-A Working Collaboration
  • Wireless instrumentation installations: A key enabler for capturing reduced installation costs, increasing automation capability, enabling production optimization, and reducing risk
  • Eaton Wireless Application (ISA Partner)
  • HoneywellOneWireless Applications(ISA Partner)
  • GE Wireless Vibration Applications(ISA Partner)

Control Sessions

  • Introduction to PLC Programming
  • Introduction to HMI Programming
  • Introduction to Fuzzy Designer

Educational Sessions

  • Panel: State of Automation Engineering Curriculum
  • Panel: State of Automation Engineering Workforce Development
  • Thermophosphor Tutorial
  • Texas Board of Professional Engineers - Professional Practice Update/Ethics

Instrumentation and Control Sessions

  • Advancements in Coriolis flow measurement/Gains in Level Technology and their Contribution to Safety in the Workplace
  • Proof-testing Level Gauges Remotely from the Operator Room: A Realistic Dream or Not?
  • Innovation in Non-Metallic Materials Increases Service Life and Lowers Total Life Cycle Costs for Electrical Components Used in Harsh Environments
  • Increasing Accuracy Requirements for Field Calibrators
  • Partial Stroke Testing Devices-Why Users Correctly Distrust their PSTD’s Ability to Prohibit Spurious Over-travel, and a Logical Solution
  • Evaluation of Multivariable Process Control (MPC) in Demethanizer Unity of LNG Plant
  • Getting Your Control System to Deliver Economic Value
  • Vulnerabilities in Process Control Networks: What Are We Protecting Against?
  • Optimizing Gas Leak Detection with Acoustic Spectral Analysis
  • Performance Based on Fire & Gas Design
  • HMI Servers Acting as Backup for Peer-to-Peer Communications
  • Are You Protected? What You Need to Know About the Changing Patent Scene
  • Managing Alarms: The Bigger Picture
  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Submitting Products for Certification

Pulp and Paper Division Paper Sessions

  • Bleach Plant Control Optimization Using Inline Brightness and Residual Measurements Along With On-line Kappa Measurements
  • “Do You Need Advanced Control?”-A Successful Methodology to Select Advanced Control Approach
  • 7 Methods to Improve Control Performance in Pulp and Paper
  • Process Variability Costs Money-Learn How to Monitor and Minimize it with Good Process Control

Safety Sessions

  • Fire and Gas Mapping Workshop using ISA TR 84.00.07
  • Effective Decision Support
  • Functional Safety and Reality
  • Want to Use Partial Stroke Testing on my Plant?
  • Practical Tips on the Application of Fault Tree Analysis for SIL Selection
  • The Role of HMIs in Human Error and Plant Performance (tutorial)
  • Case Study: Safety Instrumented System Lifecycle Implementation (Parts 1)
  • Case Study: Safety Instrumented System Lifecycle Implementation (Parts 2)
  • FOUNDATIONTM for Safety Instrumented Systems Panel
  • Common (and Intentional) Violations of NFPA Standards
  • High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems: Design, Analysis, Justification, and Implementation
  • Roundtable Discussion

Security Sessions

  • Overview of NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and Relationship to ISA 62443
  • Discussion of Best Practices related to Asset Management, Business Environment, Governance, Risk Assessment, and Risk Management
  • ICS Ethernet Performance Lab
  • Discussion on best practices related to Access Control, Awareness and Training, Data Security, Information Protection Processes and Procedures, Maintenance, Protective Technology
  • Reconfigurable Cybersecurity Testbed for Industrial Control Systems
  • Treating Security Like Safety
  • Demo: Lab in a Box
  • Lab 101: Hacking for Phun
  • Discussion of Best Practices Related to Anomalies and Events, Security Continuous Monitoring, Detection Processes
  • Workshop: Attack Process
  • Demo: Attacking Wireless
  • Respond and Recover Discussion of Best Practices Related to Response Planning, Recovery Planning, Communication, Analysis, Mitigation, Improvements
  • The Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure

Tutorial Sessions

  • So You Want to be A CSE Professional Engineer
  • An Introduction to ISA Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®) Certification
  • Basically…It’s Process Control
  • Technician Boot Camp: The Maintenance Skill Sets
  • Automation Engineering Survival Training - Can You Make the Cut?
  • The Road to Becoming a Certified Automation Professional

A sold-out vendor exhibit featuring premier companies and leading-edge solutions
The premier companies serving the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and related markets will present and demonstrate their products and services at the exhibit component of the symposium.

Discover the latest technologies and applications across all core solution areas, including:

  • Control systems
  • SCADA communications
  • Networks
  • Data management instrumentation
  • Sensors
  • Peripherals
  • Process and functional safety
  • Systems integration
  • Cybersecurity

The list of corporate sponsors and exhibitors includes:

  • aeSolutions
  • BakerRisk
  • Beamex
  • CPU, LLC
  • Det-Tronics
  • Fluke
  • GE
  • INTECH Process Automation
  • ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute
  • Kenexis Consulting
  • Mangan
  • MAVERICK Technologies
  • MicroPack Detection
  • M.V. Atchison & Assoc.
  • Owl Computing Technologies
  • Prime Technologies
  • Rockwell Automation
  • SEC of America (Shinkawa)
  • Senscient
  • Siemens Industry
  • Ultra Electronic
  • Wilson Mohr
  • Yokogawa

Register Today!
Given the depth and breadth of topics and issues to be explored, the 2014 Process and Safety Symposium is truly a can’t-miss event. Be sure to make your plans now. To register and to gain all the details on the symposium, visit the conference website. For more information or immediate assistance, email or call +1 919-549-8411.

About ISA
Founded in 1945, the International Society of Automation is a leading, global, nonprofit organization that is setting the standard for automation by helping over 30,000 worldwide members and other professionals solve difficult technical problems, while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities. Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, ISA develops standards; certifies industry professionals; provides education and training; publishes books and technical articles; and hosts conferences and exhibitions for automation professionals. ISA is the founding sponsor of The Automation Federation.

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