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Ivara Corporation and Management Resources Group, Inc.  Announce Release of MRG’s MTA Template

MRG’s MTA Templates are detailed engineering tools built for implementers by implementers. Derived from MRG’s world leading library of 440 FMEA templates and organized according to MRG’s equipment taxonomy, the MTA Templates are the easiest to use and most reliable of their kind. MRG’s rigorous quality control and standardization procedures mean that users of EXP Cloud search functionality will find the asset types, failure modes and controls they need quickly and easily, accelerating the creation of high quality indicators and full implementations. Since this library was compiled across implementations in a broad range of industries - including Mining, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Refining, Upstream Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Primary Metals - it is the most comprehensive of its kind.

“We have seen the tremendous time savings that come from accelerating implementations with our templates and we are looking forward to enabling similar successes for Ivara’s customers,” said Will Goetz, CMO, of MRG. “I think the comparison of the EXP Cloud to iTunes is very appropriate because they both make accessing information much easier. We are really excited to bring our ‘Best-of-Reliability-Engineering Collection’ to the EXP Cloud to enrich the experience.”

“Ivara customers have experienced first-hand the value that Ivara Implementation Partner, MRG, brings to an Asset Performance Improvement project,” said Florian Lenders, Vice President, Ivara Corporation. “It takes our partnership to a new level, now that MRG is providing their expertise through templates available directly in Ivara EXP via EXP Cloud.”

About Ivara:
Ivara is the leader in asset performance management software and consulting services to instill a proactive process for Maintenance and Operations to care for their production equipment. Ivara® EXP Enterprise prevents industrial equipment failure, increases production and lowers costs for better business performance. EXP transforms data into real-time intelligence enabling plant management to make fast and accurate business decisions. Customers worldwide, representing a cross section of asset intensive industries, realize the benefits of EXP every day. For more information about Ivara, visit

About Management Resources Group:
Management Resources Group, Inc. is an engineering and professional services firm dedicated to helping our clients optimize the reliability and performance of their physical assets, thereby maximizing the financial and business return on those assets. Founded in 1987, MRG promotes the adoption of proactive maintenance practices and processes across the globe. To learn more, visit:

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