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Jim Gagnard, SmartSignal CEO, Announces Significant Product Innovation

“In spite of tough economic conditions, whenever you provide new products that solve real customer problems, you are going to increase sales in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries,” noted Gagnard, who also cited the 2009 acquisition of 17 new customers, including Bruce Power, Taiwan Power, Duke, Invenergy, and Tampa Electric.

“We have been successful in adding new customers because they see the value of our continued industry leadership. SmartSignal pioneered the Predictive Analytics industry for equipment health, and we continue to lead, most recently with our introduction of the world’s first Predictive Diagnostics solution. Partnering with the only company in the world focused solely on improving equipment health makes sound business sense. Our customers trust and rely on SmartSignal to help them reduce risk, optimize performance, and integrate into their enterprise systems.”

Recent SmartSignal introductions include:

EPI*Center 3.0

SmartSignal’s flagship product, EPI*Center, identifies impending equipment and process failures. With this early warning, customers worldwide increase availability and reliability, reduce unplanned outages, and minimize maintenance expenses. EPI*Center 3.0, the latest release, adds three breakthrough applications with end-to-end functionality, including advanced reporting and analysis, innovative incident management and workflow support, and powerful knowledge capture and recall.

SHIELD - the industry’s first Predictive Diagnostic solution

SHIELD moves SmartSignal and the industry beyond Predictive Analytics to Predictive Diagnostics and provides customers with a complete understanding of the status of their equipment:

• What is going to fail

• What is the apparent cause of the failure

• What is the priority of the impending failure.

In order to develop SHIELD, SmartSignal studied data from SmartSignal customers, representing the world’s largest base of equipment operating data. After analyzing data from hundreds of millions of machine hours and tens of thousands of incidents, SmartSignal was able to identify fault patterns in context of operating behavior. By combining customer input, innovative new technology, and comprehensive analysis, SmartSignal built the first software solution that predicts key equipment failures.


A comprehensive gateway between EPI*Center and the OSIsoft PI System, xConnector allows PI users to access SmartSignal intelligence directly in PI ProcessBook® and PI WebParts screens. This makes SmartSignal’s powerful data intelligence readily available to the worldwide PI community. It also provides all the benefits of OSIsoft’s data visualization technology and powerful trending functions to SmartSignal by graphically showing in PI how equipment should be behaving and what issues require attention. xConnector links the world’s leading predictive technology for equipment health to the world’s leading data infrastructure.


SmartSignal’s customers have stated that they are cycling and running their Combined Cycle plants more often. And they expect this trend to continue. CycleWatch flags equipment and process problems revealed during CT startup cycles. It analyzes the highly variable conditions of startup and detects subtle deviations from normal, allowing users to investigate deviations and perform necessary repairs before their next startups, which ensures units are reliable and ready when needed. CycleWatch uses new and patented VBM technology, the only technology that processes more data at a higher frequency and can detect even the slightest deviations from “golden” starts before issues and outages happen.

About SmartSignal

SmartSignal is the industry leader in providing Predictive Diagnostic software and services to help users avoid surprise equipment failures. With SmartSignal, users detect problems before they grow large or catastrophic and transform from reactive maintenance to a more proactive maintenance process. SmartSignal helps users reduce risk and optimize their resources; SmartSignal integrates into their enterprises so they can further innovate. SmartSignal has monitored more than 12,000 rotating and non-rotating assets for dozens of leaders across multiple industries for over 11 years. After identifying tens of thousands of developing equipment failures and thousands of operational errors, SmartSignal has proven itself to be the worldwide leader and innovator in Predictive Diagnostics for equipment health. A Microsoft Gold Partner, SmartSignal and its customers have won over twenty awards for excellence, including an international Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award.

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