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Kistler Introduces KiDAU Advanced Data Acquisition System

Designed for seamless compatibility to all legacy Kistler crash data acquisition systems, KiDAU Advanced allows a user to capture and store complete test data, even moments before a vehicle or sled test is actually started. This ensures complete system functionality and data preservation from T0, or the trigger point of a crash event.  The system allows for more than 8 minutes of total recording time (529 seconds and 32 channels at 20 kHz); up to 20 mA constant current excitation; up to 18V excitation voltage; high signal bandwidth; and a built-in CAN logger. Input impedance above 10 MΩ and support for multiple sensing types is further supported. Gain setting values are fully programmable from 0.5 to 10,000.  An internal reference voltage is used for precise amplifier setting control, achievable via software loop.  Bridge completion for half bridges can be switched internally.  All current sensors may be supplied, with a short circuit limitation provided. All adjustments are implemented by software, either automatically or by command. The adapter also has an input for connecting a single nxt Microdau dummy with up to 60 channels for seamless integration of control software functionality.

Design of the new Kistler Type K3880A KiDAU Advanced includes 32 analog and 16 digital inputs, as well as a single CAN Bus logging channel. Each analog channel comprises a programmable input amplifier with better than 0.1% precision; separately programmable per channel bridge excitation circuitry; low-pass filtering (for adaptive anti-aliasing); and an A/D converter with 16 bits resolution, for offset voltage compensation. Digital inputs are galvanically isolated in two groups of eight. An internal battery is designed to run the complete system, including all connected sensors, for up to 25 minutes.  The standard data transfer interface is 100BaseTx Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol, supporting high data transfer rates of both commands and data and ensuring perfect operation, even when long umbilical cables are used.

Kistler KiDAU Advanced supports wireless LAN, USB and in-dummy ATD interfaces from a single, compact box measuring just 231 mm x 64 mm x 70.5 mm.  It also supports the CAN Bus, with speeds of up to 500 kbit/sec stored in flash memory alongside of analog data. This provides the further advantage of complete synchronization of analog recording and digital messages on the same time base.

For additional details and specifications on the KiDAU Advanced adapter, please contact Kistler toll-free (in the US & Canada) at 1-888-KISTLER, via email at or visit

About Kistler:
Kistler (, a Kistler group company, is a supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration, as well as related electronics and software serving the automotive, aerospace, industrial, metal processing, plastic injection molding, R&D and testing & evaluation communities. Kistler products, ISO certified since 1994, are well recognized for performance, quality and reliability. With global headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland and established North American operations since 1955, Kistler’s expansive global sales presence is supported by the activities of 25 group companies and 30 distributors ensuring customer proximity, individualized application support and short product lead times. K-Beam®, PiezoStar® and PiezoBeam® are registered trademarks of Kistler. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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