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Kistler North America Introduces Combined Miniature Pressure and Temperature Sensor‏

October 19, 2012, Novi, Michigan, USA – Kistler (, a worldwide supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration, has announced the North American market introduction of its Type 6188A miniature combined pressure and temperature sensor, designed to measure both cavity and contact pressures and temperatures at the same point within the mold, supporting a variety of plastics injection molding and related quality assurance applications.

Injection mold cavity pressure is one of the most informative measurement parameters for the effective process quality evaluation of an injection molded part. Contact temperature data also offers critical data for the development of zero-defect molding procedures. Featuring diaphragm-free design with a flat front diameter measuring just one millimeter, the Type 6188A incorporates a piezoelectric pressure sensor for cavity curve pressure measurements of up to 2000 bar with an integrated series of Type K thermocouples, facilitating melt direct contact temperature measurements of up to +450°C at the front of the sensor. The compact and flat front design allows simultaneous and rapid response to temperature changes.  The pressure acts over the entire front of the sensor and is transmitted to the piezoelectric crystal sensing element, producing a proportional electric charge. The charge is then converted into a 0-10V voltage and available as an amplifier output.  Mounting dimensions of the Kistler Type 6188A are directly compatible with the company’s Type 6183A pressure sensor, allowing to be used as a drop-in replacement for applications in which temperature measurements may also be required.

The charge cable can be connected to Kistler multi-channel connector Types 1708A or 1710A, as well as the two temperature conductors to the Type 2205A temperature amplifier. This combination feeds the pressure signal, as well as the temperature signal to two connectors, forming a complete measurement chain for the effective monitoring of molding parameters. In addition, the supplied sensor cable for the Type 6188A is factory replaceable. A model variation is further available to support multi-cavity molds. The versatility and performance of the Kistler Type 6188A allows it to be used within the more complex and compact injection molding applications common to medical component, electrical and precision industrial molding.  The sensor is also suitable for use within industrial thermoplastics and elastomeric injection molding applications, as well as part dimensional analyses and the evaluation of component knit lines.

For additional details and specifications, contact Kistler toll-free (in the US & Canada) at 1-888-KISTLER, via email at or visit


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