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Kistler North America Introduces Handheld Diesel and Gas Engine Peak Meter

Building upon the success of its legacy model, the Type 2516A, this latest version maintains the same simple, user-friendly design for ease of portability, along with the added benefits of a USB communication port; rechargeable battery and charging station; and a rugged, waterproof case. The included data evaluation software allows for a graphical analysis of recorded peak pressure and plotted average pressure curves, with “as found”/“as left” peak pressure results easily downloaded via USB.

Incorporating the use of proven, uncooled reference piezoelectric pressure sensing technology, the Type 2516B can measure and store the data from up to 100 large engine combustion pressure cycles, from which it further calculates and displays the arithmetical values of critical parameters such as average, minimum and maximum peak pressure; peak pressure standard deviation; and maximum rate of pressure rise, with display of up to 20 cylinders. Numerical data shown on the LCD can be saved as required. An additional measuring function allows peak pressure values to be displayed without time limitations, as well as sending the analog sensor signal at the point of monitor output. Recommended optional accessories, sold separately, include the Type 6613C cylinder pressure sensor; the Type 2508 monitoring system; and on-site Kistler sensor handling and installation training. For indicator valve measurements, the Type 7613C piezoelectric pressure sensor may also be installed in adapter Type 7513A. This very precise sensor has been found to be ideal for use within demanding industrial applications.

Use of the Kistler Type 2516B allows test technicians and mechanics to complete a full engine study quickly and safely, by providing accurate and reliable cylinder-to-cylinder pressure data which can be used as part of an overall engine balancing and maintenance program. The capability to measure and analyze parameters locally, with hands-free collection and file transfer, prevents human error and ensures exceptional data quality with a high degree of confidence. In addition, the instantaneous presentation of data assists with the quick diagnostics of engine component performance failures, such as fuel valves, preventing costly downtime and potentially preventing expensive damages and field operational failures.

For additional details and specifications on the Kistler Type 2516B peak meter or other products for engine combustion monitoring, please contact Kistler North America toll-free (in the US & Canada) at 1-888-KISTLER, via email at sales.us@kistler.com or visit www.kistler.com.

About Kistler:
Kistler North America (www.kistler.com), a Kistler group company, is a supplier of precision sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration, as well as related electronics and software serving the automotive, aerospace, industrial, metal processing, plastic injection molding, R&D and testing & evaluation communities. Kistler products, ISO certified since 1994, are well recognized for performance, quality and reliability. With global headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland and established North American operations since 1955, Kistler’s expansive global sales presence is supported by the activities of 25 group companies and 30 distributors ensuring customer proximity, individualized application support and short product lead times. K-Beam, PiezoStar and PiezoBeam are registered trademarks of Kistler. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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