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Kistler North America Introduces Six-Component Wheel Force Transducer

The Kistler Type 9269A RoaDyn® S6HT System 2000 features a fully modular and versatile design that incorporates the use of six replaceable three-component heavy duty load cells. Each load cell is individually calibrated to allow sensor replacement without the need to recalibrate the entire system. An integral identification chip within each load cell stores important component parameters and prevents data misidentification. This feature allows for optimal system performance, with data imported into System 2000 onboard electronics upon startup. The Kistler Type 9269A system is operated via either practical or optional remote control emulation software running from a laptop PC. As a further option, additional analog signals required by the customer may be acquired synchronously via the on-board electronics.

The WFT is mounted between the wheel hub and rim ring via suitable mechanical components such as inner part, outer part and wheel offset. It may be used in a single, dual, super single or wide base configuration and is compatible with 17.5 to 28 inch rims. All standard system components, apart from mechanical elements, may be retained when adapted for different rim sizes and wheel hub geometries. Dual wheel configuration or upgrading is seamlessly achieved via the use of special mechanical adapters. Units may also be used within a test stand environment with appropriate adapters. Adapter design takes into account the particular high forces and torques acting upon the vehicles on which they are used. WFT and adapter stresses are therefore calculated using finite element analysis (FEA) in order to optimize the durability, safety and weight of individual system components. Fatigue strength tests on individual components and wheel force transducers of different sizes further make it possible to estimate their useful service life. For added environmental protection, the Kistler Type 9269A is IP65 sealed for moisture and dust protection, with optional IP67 sealing for more harsh or limited submersion environments.

With its unique performance attributes, the Kistler Type 9269A RoaDyn® S6HT System 2000 is ideal for the support of road profile categorization; individual maneuvers involving high loads for design load verification; input data for multi-body simulation and other virtual loading methods;  dynamic chassis tuning;  active braking, traction and chassis control systems development; chassis test stand control data recording; multi-axis vehicle test stand iterations; tire and chassis characteristic data determination; and special load cases in vehicle component damage analyses.

For additional details, drawings and specifications, please contact Kistler North America toll-free (in the US & Canada) at 1-888-KISTLER, via email at or by visiting

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