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Larson Davis Enhances the Model 831 NoiseTutor for Noise Monitoring Applications

Larson Davis is pleased to introduce the latest version of the Model 831 NoiseTutor. The NoiseTutor provides unique capability for consultants and project leaders who need real-time acoustic data or who may be challenged with monitoring noise at remote sites. The new version makes noise monitoring easier with features such as remote communication, web publishing of data, and noise alerts via email or SMS. The NoiseTutor is part of a complete suite of noise monitoring solutions from Larson Davis for permanent, portable, and hand held monitoring applications.

Continuous monitoring of environmental data in isolated areas has always presented a unique set of challenges. Typical solutions involve complex installations, frequent maintenance visits, and expert level attention to retrieve and share data. Very often, a simple, easily deployed, “temporary” solution is all that is required. With this in mind, Larson Davis has developed a noise monitoring system, the NoiseTutor, as an integrated semi-permanent/portable solution. The NoiseTutor is suited to address these challenges for applications such as construction sites, wind farm commissioning, traffic evaluation, and concert venues.

The NoiseTutor is contained in a weatherproof case and it is powered by an advanced Model 831 sound level meter and an on board computer. It is designed to work with the Larson Davis PRM2103-FF outdoor preamplifier and microphone combination which enables remote calibration/functionality checks at five frequencies and automatic humidity control using an integrated temperature sensor.

“The enhanced NoiseTutor was designed to make noise monitoring easy with real-time data and alerts, anyplace, anytime,” said Bilal Bazzi, Business Development Manager for Larson Davis. “It enables remote control, high speed transfer of large files, and the publishing of real-time reports and event alerts.  It also uses a sophisticated power management scheme during low power battery operation to avoid the loss of critical data in the event of AC power interruption.”

The enhancements made to the NoiseTutor in this release include a new lithium Iron phosphate battery with a higher temperature capacity of 70°C; a faster and more reliable Sierra Wireless LS300 Gateway for internet access; and improved component organization for ergonomics.

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