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Life Cycle Engineering Introduces SAP® EAM Optimization Services to Help Clients

LCE can help organizations optimize their SAP EAM system using a
holistic approach that addresses processes, roles and responsibilities,
business requirements, and SAP skills. The approach consists of three

  • SAP EAM Diagnostic
  • SAP EAM Implementation or Optimization
  • SAP Coaching

Using this approach will give organizations a strategic tool that helps them derive valuable information for managing their assets. They will better leverage their investment in SAP through the implementation of best-practice work processes, standardized roles and responsibilities, configuration, reports, and KPIs.

Mark Ruby, senior vice president of LCE’s Reliability Consulting group explained why the new services were developed to respond to challenges faced by existing customers: “When SAP EAM is not implemented successfully, organizations end up with lots of bits of data but no way to use the data to improve operations. LCE’s assessment, implementation guidance and tools, and coaching will allow an organization to connect the dots to form a picture of the organization from a reliability and maintenance perspective so they can identify areas for improvement and drive performance gains. We will help our clients achieve the benefits that an ERP system promises.”

More information about SAP EAM optimization services can be found here on Life Cycle Engineering’s website.

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