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Life Cycle Institute Partners with OSU to Offer Reliability Engineering Certification

The REC builds and certifies individual competency in reliability
engineering and asset management. Successful candidates will be able
to apply reliability engineering to build asset management programs that
are consistent with ISO 55000 Asset Management standards.
Participants will learn how to:

  •  Create Asset Management Plans that comply with ISO 55000
  •  Build and sustain a strategic reliability engineering program
  •  Prepare control strategies that reduce risk and improve utilization
  •  Design predictive maintenance strategies and programs
  •  Establish a root cause analysis program

Bill Wilder, director of the Life Cycle Institute, said, “This is a unique
opportunity for a Reliability Engineer (RE) to secure knowledge and
credentials from one of the world’s largest and most respected
engineering colleges. With this certification, REs will be well equipped to
reduce risk and increase the value that assets deliver to the triple bottom
The Ohio State University is the second top 100 engineering school to
offer the Reliability Engineering Certification. Clemson University was the
first, starting in 2013.
The Reliability Engineering Certification requires completion of a fourcourse
program and documentation of the application of reliability
engineering to create value for their organization. The four courses are:
Reliability Engineering, Risk Based Asset Management, Predictive
Maintenance Strategy, and Root Cause Analysis.

For more information or to register, call 800-556-9589, email, or visit the REC web page

Life Cycle Engineering provides consulting, engineering, applied technology and education solutions that deliver lasting results for private industry, the Department of Defense and other government organizations. The quality, expertise and dedication of our employees enable Life Cycle Engineering to serve as a trusted resource that helps people and organizations to achieve their full potential. Founded in 1976, LCE is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina with offices across North America and experience around the globe.

About the Life Cycle Institute

The Life Cycle Institute helps individuals and organizations learn and adapt to their changing environment by building knowledge, skills talent and engagement. The Institute’s team of learning, leadership and change management professionals integrates the art and science of learning and change to change behavior to produce desired results. As the first U. S. Authorized Training Provider for Prosci, the world leader in change management best practices and research, the Institute combines LCE’s wealth of thought leadership experience and process improvement expertise with one of the most widely used approaches for managing the people side of change. The Institute applies adult learning methods that minimize lecture and emphasize hands-on learning. Classes are led by facilitators who actively practice what they teach. The methodologies taught within the various course curricula are practical applications with proven track records – proven through actual activities carried out regularly by LCE professionals.

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