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LiNNOTAM is the new name for cast polyamide from Licharz

The international manufacturer and fabricator of engineering plastics, Licharz, offers its cast polyamide under the new name LiNNOTAM. The innovative metal- replacement materials have especially long service lives and are easy to machine. LiNNOTAM is available in various grades. At the K in Düsseldorf visitors can get to know the family of products: October 16 to 23, Hall 5, Stand 5F11.

The cast polyamides of LiNNOTAM can be produced as semi-finished products or near net shape components and are virtually free of internal stress. Licharz offers a large selection of shapes, weights and dimensions. Component parts made of LiNNOTAM have proven themselves for many years in machine building, packaging equipment, drive and conveyor equipment, construction equipment and in food processing equipment.

Four Variations

In addition to the basic grade of LiNNOTAM, Licharz offers the grades LiNNOTAMDRiVE, LiNNOTAMGLiDE, LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE and LiNNOTAMCUSTOM.  Proprietary lubricants and additives give the polyamides special characteristics which can, for example, improve the sliding properties or torque transmission. They are materials which can be used in very different application areas.

LiNNOTAM Food Grade

Components which come into contact with food must fulfill special requirements. LiNNOTAM products – depending on the grade – fulfill regulations such as the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  Therefore they can carry the “Food Grade” label which stands for the best possible safety and hygiene in the processing of food.

K 2013

The K is the world’s largest trade fair for plastic and rubber. More than 3,000 exhibitors present the newest highlights in Düsseldorf and use the Fair as a business and contact platform. The K runs from October 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf.

Licharz with LiNNOTAM at the K in Düsseldorf: 16. to 23. October in Hall 5, Stand 5F11


LiNNOTAMGLiDE contains spezial additives and lubricants. They produce and exceptionally low coefficient of friction and reduce the unwanted Stick-Slip effect to a minimum. The sliding properties and self-lubrication effects are retained throughout the entire service life. Typical application examples are bushings, slider pads, guide strips and feed screws.


LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE are partially crystalline, thermoplastic high performance polyamides. Using carefully chosen additives and modifiers,  they have been specially designed for the demanding requirements of specialty components in machinery design and offshore technology.  LiNNOTAMHiPERFORMANCE offers particularly good dimensional stability and

fatigue strength, and excellent damping properties. In addition it has good shock loading, low moisture absorption and hydrolysis resistance.  The material can be machined well and is used for example for highly loaded wheels, crane float pads and near net shape cast components.


The cast polyamides of LiNNOTAMDRiVE are produced in a special process and contain a metal core. The shape and friction locked plastic / metal combination guarantees optimal force and torque transmission. It makes possible the transfer of high axial and torque forces, and it achieves roundness and running. LiNNOTAMDRiVE is used for gears and sprockets,  wheels, as well as for cams, mixing arms and pump wheels.


With LiNNOTAMCUSTOM Licharz is able to customize material properties to specific requirements at the high quality standards of the LiNNOTAM brand.


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About Licharz GmbH

LICHARZ is an internationally leading manufacturer and fabricator of engineering plastics specialised in the materials PA, POM and PET. Under the brand name LiNNOTAM the company develops and produces performance cast polyamides. Licharz combines manufacturing and machining to strengthen the innovation drive and increase quality.

The company offers unique manufacturing and machining capabilities as well as technical knowledge for machining different plastics. Our volume of engineering plastics is over 7,000 tons per year. On over 60 machines, component parts in small or large series or produced almost fully automated. Licharz serves different requirements from different industries quickly and flexibly. The family owned company with headquarters in Buchholz, Germany was founded in 1962. It is run by family members in the second generation and employs about 240 people in Germany alone. Licharz is represented internationally through its own subsidiaries or interests in the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy and China.

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