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MA Solves Biggest Problem in Industry: Launches SpareTime™

Maintenance Assistant Inc. announces their patent pending mobile application SpareTimeTM which solves the biggest problem industry faces getting their maintenance software up and running successfully.

“SpareTimeTMwill reduce CMMS on-boarding and implementation times from weeks or months, to hours or days, and in conjunction with our in-application training, we have solved the two biggest barriers to a successful CMMS implementation.” said Marc Castel, CEO.

The mobile app SpareTimeTM is designed to reduce the effort needed for customers to enter data into their new CMMS. Industry stats indicate that over 60% of CMMS deployments fail, in part due to the difficulty of entering asset and maintenance data (machines, maintenance schedules, parts lists, etc.) into their CMMS. To solve this we created SpareTimeTM, a mobile app that will allow customers to quickly capture data during a simple plant walk-through. They will be asked to take pictures of their facilities, equipment and people, and Maintenance Assistant CMMS takes care of the rest, creating a custom CMMS for them in hours or days. In contrast, this process could takes weeks or months to do on their own.

SpareTimeTM will pave the way for a whole new set of customers to start getting the benefits of a CMMS without the cost and risk. Operations that have been stuck in paper and excel based systems and haven’t had an opportunity to move to a proper CMMS will be able to easily modernize their maintenance management systems using our application. In addition to the 60,000 organizations that are on the hunt to replace their maintenance software every year, there are hundreds of thousands of others who have been excluded entirely, because of cost and complexity. These organizations can now realize the enormous benefits of a CMMS because of Maintenance Assistant CMMS and SpareTimeTM.

Customer acquisition:

The 2012 success of our Saas-based Cloud CMMS continued into 2013 with Maintenance Assistant setting records for customer acquisition in the month of January. New customers joining us in the month included notables like: CCI Thermal Technologies Inc., Nandan Equipment Services Pvt Ltd, Shale Support Services - Diamond, and Centre de ski Mont-Blanc.

About Maintenance Assistant software:

SpareTimeTM lets you quickly build your CMMS while walking through your facilities. It does the tough stuff like configuring and setting up your system so you can focus on getting your maintenance work done.

Setup locations as you walk your facility
Enter your equipment details on the go
Take reference pictures of your facilities, equipment and components

Maintenance Assistant helps companies drive down the cost of maintenance, work smarter and save money by helping to increase asset life, prevent equipment failure, track maintenance costs, improve productivity, reduce equipment downtime, and lower the total cost of ownership of equipment, while improving legal and regulatory compliance and capturing and retaining vital maintenance knowledge.

“Technicians actually like using our system, which drives utilization and reduces time-to-value. With modern tools like SpareTimeTM, we make data entry as painless as possible.  In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of maintenance activities, better data capture protects a company from knowledge loss as workers retire or switch jobs. Making data entry as easy as possible is critical.”, said Marc Castel, CEO.

“With feedback and input from thousands of customers around the world we have been able to build an award-winning computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) service that simply works like it should. It’s exciting to see that we’ve become the CMMS technicians actually like to use.” said Bob Kandic, Senior Product Architect.

About Maintenance Assistant:

Since our launch in 2006, Maintenance Assistant has had over 25,000 CMMS installations in over 150 countries and in more than 30 languages. We are one of the fastest growing Maintenance Software solutions, providing a modern CMMS / EAM experience to clients around the world.

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