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Macquarie Generation to Rollout Additional SAP Mobile Applications on the SkyMobile Framework

Dallas, TX—September 24, 2009—Macquarie Generation (MacGen) is looking to further utilize their existing investment in SAP to rollout additional applications utilizing the industry leading SkyMobile ( framework from Sky Technologies (Sky). This follows the successful deployment of SAP Workflow Approvals on BlackBerry ( smartphones to key MacGen executives in 2007.

MacGen has recently finalized the contract with Sky to deliver their next application requirement by mobilizing SAP Maintenance Inventory on Motorola MC9000 handheld devices. This latest application will enable MacGen to streamline their SAP Maintenance Inventory transactions by recording real time movements in their plant maintenance processes, reducing paperwork overhead, time delays and error correction.

Through the adoption of a holistic approach to their SAP mobility strategy, MacGen is able to capitalize on their current investment in both product knowledge and existing skills, while allowing them the flexibility to build a SAP Maintenance Inventory application with alternate device requirements to add to the existing white collar SAP Workflow on BlackBerry smartphone application.

“The benefit to us here at MacGen is the minimization of costs by utilizing the same SkyMobile framework for the deployment of multiple applications without the need for separate hardware platforms. This approach keeps the total cost of ownership low”, commented Gary Ryan, SAP Applications Team Leader for Macquarie Generation.

Gartner Inc., the leading provider of research and analysis on the information technology industry states that by 2010, 50% of enterprise will have migrated away from tactical mobile application silo’s (supporting a single application) to strategic platforms capable of supporting multiple applications, managing a range of devices and securing data transport.

“It is clear that MacGen endorse the view from Gartner and recognize the benefits of adopting this approach of a single integrated framework that enables the deployment of any SAP process, on any device utilizing Sky’s industry leading SkyMobile framework” said Gary McHugh, GM Asia Pacific for Sky Technologies.

With the ability to deploy any SAP transaction onto any handheld device utilizing the single integrated SkyMobile framework, MacGen is giving strong consideration to deploying further applications in the future, such as Works Clearance Management & Plant Maintenance.

For additional information on Mobilizing SAP processes utilizing the SkyMobile Framework, please contact Dominick Ruggiero or to see a demonstration video, data sheets or case studies please visit the Sky Technologies Resource Center

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