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Larson Electronics’ announced the addition of a 141 candela, explosion proof LED strobe light with UL 844 Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1 ratings. By integrating the benefits of LED into an explosion proof fixture, the EPSL-80-141 explosion proof LED strobe light offers longevity, vibration resistance and very low amp draw. With high voltage AC models for 120-240 volts and low voltage models for 12-36 volts DC, this LED strobe light produces strong light output and draws less than one amp. Internal dip switches enable the operator to set the number of flashes per minute or a steady on condition. Available in ceiling, pendant or wall mount, this explosion proof LED strobe light beacon offers an alternative to the conventional EPSL-80 explosion proof strobe light.

“LEDs are incorporated into many of the explosion proof lights, including trouble lights, flashlights, string lights and now the explosion proof strobe lights,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “Typically permanent mount explosion proof fixtures are located in areas with less desirable access. You don’t necessarily want to change out bulbs frequently in elevated areas on oil rigs or within manufacturing or storage facilities. With 3 years continuous run time, this explosion proof LED strobe light reduces the need for re-lamping while delivering more light than a conventional strobe bulb. On low voltages, this unit draws less than 1 amp while delivering 3 times the light output of our conventional strobe light model. LEDs are ideal for beacons. We have a whole range of SL-ALM and SL-M LED hazard lights and beacons based on LED technology. LEDs have always been effectively seen at distance. Now with advances in high powered LEDs and more specific reflector technology, we see high visibility combined with high area illumination. So an explosion proof LED strobe light is a natural fit for high output LED technology.

Larson Electronics’ offers an extensive range of explosion proof and hazardous location LED lighting. Ranging from explosion proof string lights to explosion proof flashlights, you can see the entire line of Class rated lighting on or contact 1-800-369-6671 (214-616-6180 international).

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