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Maintain A Healthy Work Environment; Retain Your Assets

RoboVent has developed a revolutionary, patent-pending device to address concerns about Heat Stress and enhance the working conditions of manufacturing and fabricating facilities.

A recent surge in manufacturing, and the reduction of the workforce, has compelled employers to stay competitive by improving their ability to attract superior talent. The quality of a work environment has a substantial impact on a staff member’s decision to leave, or stay with, their current employer. High temperatures and/or unhealthy air quality are the primary catalysts for turnover in the manufacturing industry. Providing clean, cool air in production facilities has reached a tipping point and is forecast to become a professional standard over the next 2-3 years; these factors will keep businesses aggressive in their efforts to secure experts in the trade.

Additionally, there are financial rewards when a business improves its working conditions. The article, “Studies Relate IAQ and Productivity,” discusses the statistical evidence showing a 2% decrease in worker productivity for every 1.8° F increase in ambient temperature over 77° F. This means a staff of 20, each earning $50,000/year, working in temperatures upward of 85° F will cost a company roughly $8,000/month in lost productivity. These insights further justify advancements in a company’s work environment, as there is an expedited Return on Investment (ROI) for cooling air.

Studies show the most effective way to combat Heat Stress is to introduce action which allows the body to cool. Fluid intake alone is not enough to regulate core temperature, therefore it is vital to implement tools which will supplement the body’s fundamental processes for releasing heat.

RoboVent ICE(Integrated Cooling Equipment)is an innovative air handling solution which is transforming the way fabricators improve working environments by combining air conditioning and fume control. These advancements attract, motivate, and retain top employees in addition to increasing safety and overall well-being.
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