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MaintainIT Forms Alliance with LMSPI to Improve SC Manufacturing

Greenville, SC - MaintainIT, a Facility and Plant Maintenance Services Company, is pleased to announce they have formed a professional alliance with Lean Manufacturing Solutions Partnership, Inc. (LMSPI).

LMSPI is a Lean Manufacturing Implementation Resource and together with MaintainIT will focus on improving manufacturing performance, creating value, and strengthening the presence of manufacturing in South Carolina. To date, results for LMSPI’s manufacturing partners include sustainable, annualized, bottom-line improvements in excess of $70,000,000 with an average 2,880% return on investment.

“Threats to South Carolina manufacturing such as offshore manufacturing, inflation, piece pricing, and rising costs of business (health care, energy, transportation, and commodities) are real,” says Jason Manarchuck, LMSPI’s Marketing Director. “MaintainIT joins us in our mission to counter these threats by partnering with manufacturers to solve their biggest problems and focus on improving business performance. Creating a culture of problem-solving leverages manufacturing problems into competitive advantages. The result is reducing manufacturing costs, improving product quality, reducing lead times, and increasing bottom-line profits for local manufacturers.”

“A critical factor for a successful lean manufacturing implementation is reliable equipment,” says James Rogers, Vice President and Principal with MaintainIT. “Our partnership with LMSPI will provide customers the continuous and comprehensive plant services needed to sustain the manufacturing improvements in support of the manufacturing mission. This is a decisive strategy; one that will strengthen the value of manufacturing in South Carolina.”

About Lean Manufacturing Solutions Partnership Inc. (LMSPI)
LMSPI is a Lean Enterprise Resource passionately focused on saving manufacturing in North America. Established in 2005, LMSPI is headquartered in Knoxville, TN with a regional office in Grennville, SC. LMSPI is currently scheduling no-cost, on site introduction meetings with manufacturing executives in the Upstate for the second half of 2008. For an introduction or to contact LMSPI, please visit

For corporate information and team background, you are invited to visit

About MaintainIT

MaintainIT, headquartered in Greenville, SC, is a Facility and Plant Maintenance Services Company, specializing in Maintenance Improvement Consulting, related Technical Services and Contract Maintenance. For more information about MaintainIT, please visit

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