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Maintenance and Facilities Management Software Meets the iPhone

CMMS Data Group (CDG) solidifies its standing as the industry leader in maintenance and facilities management software with the launch of the MVP Capture application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. MVP Capture is the company’s wireless barcode solution that tracks work orders, parts inventory, equipment, meters and much more. Personnel scan the barcode label they need to enter, eliminating data collection and entry errors while saving a tremendous amount of time and money.

As MVP Capture transformed the maintenance and facilities management software industry when it debuted in 2000, the MVP Capture iOS application is equally as transformative. With this application, maintenance and facilities teams can track work orders, parts inventory, equipment, meters and much more in just seconds with or without a Wi-Fi connection on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. CDG is the first maintenance and facilities software company to launch such an application.

“The ability to track all activities via a handheld, with or without a Wi-Fi connection, will save maintenance and facility teams an incredible amount of time and ultimately increase their productivity,” said Ruth Hughes, CDG’s founder and CEO.

Productivity increases because users can keep working offline and no longer travel back and forth to a computer to make updates. For maintenance and facilities personnel, work orders are received directly to their handheld, leaving more time to ensure higher levels of uptime and customer satisfaction. And because data is scanned, data is precise.

“When companies are armed with complete and accurate data, optimal decision-making results in maximized reliability, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction,” Hughes added.

Within seconds, the following records can be created and/or updated right from any iOS device, with or without a network connection:

Work Orders (Planned and Unplanned)
Parts (Check Outs, Returns, Counts)
Meters (Runtime and PdM)
Purchase Receipts

“Today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment to giving companies with maintenance and facilities departments a competitive edge by offering both online and offline paperless solutions across multiple platforms such as PC, notebook, tablet, iPad, smartphone and iPod touch,” Hughes said. “MVP Plant customers now have the opportunity to use the most popular tablet in the market to increase productivity and instantaneously capture precise data.”

For a limited time, current MVP Plant customers can receive a complimentary, no-risk, 30-day free trial of the MVP Capture application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by downloading it at:

About CMMS Data Group

CMMS Data Group is a market leader in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Enterprise Assessment Management (EAM) and Facilities Assets Management System (FAMS) software and services, providing time and money-saving solutions to maintenance and facilities professionals to increase reliability, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. Led by MVP PlantTM CMMS software, the CMMS Data Group portfolio also includes MP2TM CMMS software services and add-ons and MVP CaptureTM barcode solution. Learn

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