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Maintenance Connection Presents MCRV Tour 2010

On March 1, 2010, California-based software company, Maintenance Connection, will embark on a cross-county RV tour to connect with their clients, and provide them with a hands-on customer service experience.

The MCRV Tour will consist of 24 software training stops - including Seattle, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York - throughout the U.S. and Canada. The tour, piloted by the company’s manager of client services, Brian Kincaid, and account relationship manager, Drew Hayes, will provide customer instruction, and allow virtual staff, international partners, and potential customers to interact face-to-face.

“Our desire is to build strong relationships with each one of our customers this year, and the MCRV Tour provides a great way to do that”, says Brad Squires, Head of Business Development.

In addition to the training stops, the MCRV Tour bus will be making at least one additional stop each week, bringing lunch to one of their valued customers, such as the New York Times, GE Research, the City of Santa Monica and the Valspar, and providing a courtesy audit of their Maintenance Connection CMMS usage.

Maintenance Connection is a business-to-business software company that provides one software application, also called Maintenance Connection, which is an asset and work order management tool. In many different industries, clients have different standards - whether self- or government-imposed - of maintenance requirements. Maintenance Connection helps them manage those requirements with software that is extremely flexible; customers are able to configure it in a way based on their perspectives of what the assets in their industry may be.

And in an era of increased online commerce and outsourced technical support, The MCRV Tour allows Maintenance Connection to bring a personal touch to each customer. That personal touch extends to how the pair will run the tour, with a beard challenge in which Kincaid has pledged not to shave his beard until they have signed up 150 people for the tour’s one-day seminars.

“So, when 150 people sign up for the MCRV Tour, we will post a quiz to the blog providing choices of what kind of shave will occur next,” Kincaid says. “So choices being things that are relatively hilarious, like the standard moustache, the ‘Fu Manchu,’ and the half-beard…and I think the neck beard may be an option, itself. “

The duo will also provide some of the strange “bachelor food” they will concoct while on the road, such as the Triscuit-cheese-and-beef jerky canapé or the English muffin topped with Swiss cheese, barbecue sauce, and fried Spam.

“Maintenance Connection found its niche in the CMMS industry; we found our niche from having a technical advantage,” Kincaid says. “We’re edgy. We came in on the cutting edge of technology at the time our software was released, and our company personality and culture continues to represent that.”

A full list of stops can be found on the MCRV Tour website at Check out our blog at If you catch a glimpse of the MCRV Tour bus out on the road, feel free to let us know by 1) going to, 2) clicking the “Follow us on Twitter” link, 3) posting the date, time and location you saw the bus. All pictures will be automatically entered to win either an iPad, or a Flip video recorder in a drawing at the culmination of the MCRV Tour.

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