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Management Resources Group, Inc. (MRG), Acquires WebRUSL from Inventory Solutions, Inc. (ISI).

WebRUSL is a web-based inventory management service that uses a proprietary risk-based technology for determining reorder levels. WebRUSL sets stock levels for slow moving, rarely used parts and delivers insight into how to gain control over and better manage the storeroom. The WebRUSL service helps demonstrate the alignment between parts expenditures and reduced downtime. It also prevents needless purchases and supports economic investment recovery decisions. “I am very proud of the service that ISI has provided to our WebRUSL clients over the last 29 years and believe that MRG is the best choice to continue that service,” said Ron Schroder, President and founder of ISI, “I am confident that MRG’s deep expertise in EAM solutions will help our clients add to the inventory savings we have always delivered by improving their business performance more broadly.”

Management Resources Group, Inc. is a professional services firm dedicated to helping our clients optimize the reliability and performance of their physical assets, thereby maximizing the financial and business return on those assets. Founded in 1987, Management Resources Group, Inc. is dedicated to adoption of proactive maintenance practices and processes across the globe.

To learn more about WebRUSL and Management Resources Group, Inc. visit: or call (203)264-0500.

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