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Management Resources Group, Inc. (MRG) announces Houston Reliability Engineering Center

The Houston Reliability Engineering Center enables MRG to support clients throughout the world who need asset data, failure analyses, bills-of-materials, and maintenance strategies to manage their assets but lack the resources to build them. The Center leverages MRG’s Catapult® software, accelerators and reliability expertise to significantly improve the efficiency of large-scale reliability efforts, while virtually eliminating travel costs.

“We have developed the Houston Reliability Engineering Center in response to our clients who are experiencing shortages of skilled reliability engineering resources.” Said Will Goetz, MRG CMO, “We expect that an increase in baby boomer retirements combined with the global surge in capital projects will drive the need for reliability engineering services. Irrespective of where an asset stands in its lifecycle, from design phase to operation, we have proven that we can successfully and effectively improve maintenance performance remotely. The Houston Reliability Engineering Center will enable our clients to focus on their core engineering competencies while leaving the heavy lifting of data and strategy development to us.”

Management Resources Group, Inc. is a professional services firm that provides expertise, resources and accelerators to help clients optimize the reliability and performance of physical assets. Founded in 1987, Management Resources Group, Inc. is dedicated to enabling adoption of proactive maintenance across the globe.

To learn more about Management Resources Group, Inc. visit: or call 203.264.0500.

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