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Management Resources Group, Inc. announces WebRUSL 3.1

WebRUSL 3.1 now has a single integrated interface used by both clients and staff to find potential inventory savings opportunities and to predict demand for parts, item by item.

This improved system allows for more agility in improving MRG’s Inventory Stock Optimization service offerings. “Our clients typically see a significant portion of their business case for reliability and EAM implementations coming from reductions in spare parts expenditure,” said Will Goetz, CMO of MRG, “WebRUSL 3.1 brings predictive analytics for maintenance materials to an advanced web platform. Whether we are facilitating RCM analyses or standardizing MRO catalogs, webRUSL’s statistical algorithms are now more easily accessible from anywhere.”

WebRUSL is a web based inventory management tool for determining reorder levels to prevent non-productive overstocks and eliminate risky under stocks within slow moving MRO Inventory. Accurate reorder levels for these spare parts are crucial to operations. WebRUSL has demonstrated results that provide: cost reductions by preventing needless spare parts expenditures, capital budget savings by predicting new spare parts needs and support for economic investment recovery decisions.

To learn more about WebRUSL and Management Resources Group, Inc. visit: or call (203) 264-0500.

Management Resources Group, Inc. is a professional services company with more than 25 years of experience providing asset management, reliability and EAM data services to a diverse list of clients. We provide value through providing a wide range of highly qualified resources, solutions, tools and content to accelerate our clients’ maintenance and reliability initiatives. Management Resources Group, Inc. is dedicated to encouraging awareness of proactive maintenance practices and processes across the globe.

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