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Marlin Steel Acquires New Automated Welder from IDEAL Welding Systems to Improve Weld Quality

Just a few short weeks ago, Marlin Steel received a brand-new medium frequency welder. This new automated welder from IDEAL Welding Systems is one of five in the world, and the only one outside of Germany.

Where most standard welding machines can only operate along a flat plane, the IDEAL medium frequency welder supports welding in three dimensions. This welder also has rotating heads that can weld along curved or irregular shapes, not just the typical right angles that older welding machines are restricted to. The time it takes the robotic welder to complete a weld operation is 2/1,000 of a second, which is 30 times faster than the 60/1,000 of a second weld speed typical of most welders. With a welding table of 10’ X 4’, this machine is also equipped to handle larger jobs than most automated welders which are limited to a smaller 4’ X 4’ table.

Upgrading to this new technology will improve the speed at which Marlin Steel can process welding jobs. Larger, more complicated parts will be able to be welded without having to resort to manual welding support. This will expand the list of welding operations Marlin Steel can handle while adhering to the motto “quality engineered quick.”

Company Information - Marlin Steel is a manufacturing company located in Baltimore, Maryland that specializes in creating custom wire and sheet metal forms. Marlin Steel serves industries such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Industrial clients. Since adopting automated manufacturing equipment and techniques, Marlin Steel has consistently doubled revenue in five years and increased well paying manufacturing jobs year after year.

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