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MaxArc - Maximo archiving add-on developed by Envision

Key Features of MaxArc:

  • Archive, manage and retain application data in context with related metadata.
  • Respond to audit and discovery requests with easy access to archive data.
  • Maximizes Maximo performance by removing historical data.
  • Improve system and database performance by archiving old data.
  • Comply with corporate and regulatory requirements for record retention.
  • Retain archived data for future reporting needs.
  • The data in the Archive database can be viewed using the Maximo application if desired, making it easy for users to lookup archived data.
  • Transactional Objects like Work Order, Service Request, Purchase Order, Purchase Requisition, Request for Quotation, Contracts and Invoice (Related objects can be archived) data can be archived/retrieved.
  • Master Objects (Related to Maser data) can be archived By User section objects snap will be maintained in Archive database.Ex: Asset, Location, Meter, Item, Inventory, Failure Codes, Person Etc.
  • Connect Maximo Analytical Reports to connect Archival DB for Analysis (on Requirement basis).
  • Historical Analysis of the Archival and Retrieval Process.
  • Compatible to Oracle, DB2 and MSSQL Databases

For more information, request a detailed presentation/brochure at

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