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Meggitt Introduces Wilcoxon Research Portable High-Frequency Piezoelectric Reaction Shaker System

As a “reaction mass” shaker system, the Wilcoxon Research model F7-1 is designed to produce a force at its attachment point on the face of the shaker “head”, where it attaches to a structure. It does not produce vibration motion relative to the shaker case. The shaker operates by exciting piezoelectric elements attached between the shaker head and reaction mass. These piezoelectric elements produce small displacement changes between the mass and head, resulting in the generation of forces into the structure that is attached to the shaker head. Under normal use conditions, the F7-1 would be attached to a structure much more massive than the reaction mass, with that mass doing most of the “moving” in response to piezoelectric element excitation.

With a portable, lightweight design weighing just 1.27 kg (2.8 lb), ideal for onsite field testing, the Wilcoxon Research F7-1 is designed to be used with a matching network (model N8HFS; sold separately), providing voltage step up to the drive share at full voltage levels, as well as a power amplifier, also available separately as the model PA8HF. Models are shipped with directly compatible cable (model F4-4M-J9-10) to mate to the matching network. The matching network is further supplied with the compatible cable (model R22-22-J9B-5) that connects to the model PA8HF power amplifier.

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