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Meggitt Sensing Systems Announces Best Selling Endevco Piezoelectric Accelerometer of 2011

Design of the Endevco® model 2220E features Meggitt’s own proprietary piezoelectric crystal sensing element in annular shear mode, a configuration which exhibits excellent output sensitivity stability over time. The lightweight (3.1 gm) and compact size of the model 2220E minimizes mass loading effects. Signal ground is connected to the outer case of the unit. When used with its supplied isolated mounting screw assembly, the accelerometer is electrically isolated from ground. The transducer utilizes a centrally located thru bolt, allowing for 360° cable orientation. It may also be adhesive mounted. As a self-generating device, the Endevco® model 2220E requires no external power source for operation. Units are also hermetically sealed, making them ideal for use in extreme environments such as aircraft engine ground vibration testing; automotive and aerospace component durability testing; auxiliary power unit (APU) monitoring; helicopter and rotorcraft health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) testing; in-laboratory shaker table component vibration testing; and large manufacturing machinery and equipment vibration monitoring.

A specially designed low-noise coaxial cable, the Endevco® model 3053V-120, is also supplied for error-free operation.  Additional recommended accessories, sold separately, include the model 2771C-XX in-line remote charge converter; the model 133 three-channel signal conditioner; the model 2775B signal conditioner; or the model 4990a (Oasis) multi-rack mounted modular signal conditioning system. In addition, the model 2220E is accompanied by a comprehensive five-year product warranty, with quantities available for immediate shipment under Meggitt’s Endevco® Guaranteed In StockTM program. It is also available at specially discounted rates as part of the -R replacement sensors program. For more information, visit

About Meggitt Sensing Systems
Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division (, is a leading supplier of high-performance sensing and monitoring systems for physical parameter measurements in extreme environments. It has operated since 1927 through its antecedents-ECET, Endevco, Ferroperm Piezoceramics, Lodge Ignition, Sensorex, Vibro-Meter and Wilcoxon Research-whose portfolios form the basis of product lines offered by today’s Meggitt Sensing Systems.  Meggitt’s Endevco® range of piezoelectric, piezoresistive, Isotron® and variable capacitance accelerometers, piezoresistive pressure transducers, acoustic sensors, electronic instruments and calibration systems ensure critical accuracy and reliability within aerospace, automotive, defense, industrial, medical, power generation, R&D, space and test and measurement applications. Endevco® and Isotron® are registered trademarks of the Meggitt group. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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