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Meggitt Sensing Systems Introduces the Endevco Model 7268C Miniature Triaxial Shock Accelerometer

Housed within a package size measuring just 12.7 x 10.7 x 13.7 mm (0.5 x 0.42 x 0.54 in.), the Endevco model 7268C is offered in ranges of 500g, rugged to 5,000g shock with 17k Hz resonant frequency; and 2,000g, rugged to 10,000 g shock with 26k Hz resonant frequency. Sensor frequency response is 0 to 3000 Hz on the Z-axis and 0 to 1500 Hz on the X&Y axes. The combined non-linearity and hysteresis error of the model 7268C is less than 1% FSO, making it one of the most accurate sensors of its kind on the market today. The sensor also incorporates integral mechanical stops for added ruggedness and over-range protection, with two fixed resistors, enabling shunt calibration on each axis. Units are supplied with integral cable and customer capability to select both excitation voltage and cable length.

The broad frequency response, high sensitivity and high output of the model 7268C make it ideal for use in vehicle crash testing, crash sled testing, general shock monitoring, or any other general short duration shock testing application within specified measurement ranges. In addition, the Endevco model 7268C is covered by a five-year comprehensive product warranty. For detailed technical specifications, drawings or additional information on the model 7268C or other Endevco products available from Meggitt Sensing Systems, visit

About Meggitt Sensing Systems

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division (, is a leading supplier of high-performance sensing and monitoring systems for physical parameter measurements in extreme environments. It has operated since 1927 through its antecedents-ECET, Endevco, Ferroperm Piezoceramics, Lodge Ignition, Sensorex, Vibro-Meter and Wilcoxon Research-whose portfolios form the basis of product lines offered by today’s Meggitt Sensing Systems.  Meggitt’s Endevco range of piezoelectric, piezoresistive, Isotron and variable capacitance accelerometers, piezoresistive pressure transducers, acoustic sensors, electronic instruments and calibration systems ensure critical accuracy and reliability within aerospace, automotive, defense, industrial, medical, power generation, R&D, space and test and measurement applications. Endevco and Isotron are registered trademarks of the Meggitt group.

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