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Meridium Conference 2011 Announces Industry Expert Keynote Speakers

Dr. Kent Moors is an internationally recognized expert in oil and gas policy and global risk management, as well as a professor at Duquesne University,  where he also directs the Energy Policy Research Group. Dr. Sam Mannan is director of the Mary Kay O’Conner Process Safety Center at Texas A&M University and a leading authority on safer processes,  equipment, procedures, and management strategies that will minimize losses within the processing industry. Dr. Mark Wilde is Deutsche Bank’s senior analyst covering the Paper & Forest Products sector, and was recently identified by the top paper industry consulting & publishing firm as one of the most globally influential persons in the sector.

Dr. Kent Moors will present “Protecting Integrity: Avoiding Risk in the Global Marketplace,”  where he will discuss how developing and implementing an integrated plan to combat global market risk is an essential component of any organizational plan, especially during the current unstable market. Yet,  less than 20 percent of corporations or public sector entities have any risk-management approach.  Dr. Kent Moors has pioneered innovative and interactive strategies to manage risk, including how to develop successful risk management strategies and what risk factors need to be integrated. 

Discussing the “Advantages and Pitfalls of Mechanical Integrity and Management of Change Programs,”  will be Sam Mannan, PhD, of the Mary Kay O’Conner Process Safety Center at Texas A&M University. From recent process safety management (PSM) system compliance audits, both mechanical integrity (MI) and management of change (MOC) still represent the elements of PSM that many companies have found difficult to successfully implement. The failure of an MI program alone accounts for about half of the insurance losses in chemical, petrochemical, refining and natural gas processing facilities. According to U.S. Occupation Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) PSM standard, it is essential for companies to implement an effective MI programs to assure safe operation of the facilities. Since the improper changes to an MI program can affect process safety, cause environment damage, reduce quality or increase the cost.

Dr. Mark Wilde, Senior  Analyst for Paper, Packaging and Forestry, at Deustche Bank, will present “A View From The Street: What Industrial Companies Should Focus On.”   In this session, the industry expert known as “Dr. Paper” will examine the current issues facing U.S. paper and chemical companies as well as a provide a look at what the next few years may hold.  He will also emphasize the key issues on which management needs to focus in order to be an attractive investment option during turbulent economic times, as well as the key metrics to watch as the global economy begins to recover.

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