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Metro Vancouver Utilizes Azima DLI for Equipment Reliability

Metro Vancouver’s core services, provided to 22 regional municipalities in Canada, are the provision of drinking water, sewerage and drainage, and solid waste management.  Metro Vancouver has been using Azima DLI’s vibration monitoring tools, including the DCXTM portable vibration data collector and analyzer, to take readings from more than 350 critical pieces of equipment.  Prior to utilizing Azima DLI, Metro Vancouver found that its condition monitoring program - consisting of conducting analysis on equipment readings that were required to be taken every two months - was difficult to maintain or scale as additional resources and manpower were not available.  Now, Metro Vancouver’s maintenance staff can take readings from hundreds of pumps, fans, blowers and compressors and upload that data to Azima DLI’s WATCHMAN Reliability PortalTM for analysis.

“We have a very experienced team, but the scope of our condition monitoring program was straining resources and non-sustainable.  At the same time, utilities like ours simply can’t have equipment failures as it would have a direct impact on the delivery of critical municipal services that could put the public at risk,” said Daniel Tardif, senior project engineer - reliability, Metro Vancouver.  “As an Azima DLI customer, we can attest to the value of its vibration data collectors and other diagnostic tools, but it’s the benefits of centralizing the analysis of that data in one, easy-to-access web portal that will improve our program.”

Using the WATCHMAN Reliability Portal, Azima DLI analysts can review the data and post results through the web-based portal, which can be accessed by staff from nearly anywhere with Internet access, in order to better prioritize and coordinate timely maintenance and repairs.  With this expanded program, Metro Vancouver has a tool for improving the overall health and reliability of its critical plant equipment.

“We have worked diligently to ensure that the predictive maintenance program stakeholders at Metro Vancouver are taking full advantage of all the benefits that our proven diagnostic tools and expert data analysis services have to offer,” said Joe Van Dyke, vice president, operations, Azima DLI.  “With dedicated training that focuses not only on how to use the tools, but also how to use the data to better prioritize maintenance and repairs, Metro Vancouver is creating a sustainable, world-class program that can scale across additional plants.” 

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