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MEX releases new on-the-go iPad app to revolutionize operational efficiency for business

MEX CEO and founder Stephen Ninnes said, “Asset managers lose approximately 10 hours each week travelling to work sites and back, this equates to 592 hours in lost productivity each year per employee. The MEX iPad application brings our asset management platform to workers wherever they may be, so they can access information and record critical data on-site and whilst on the move.”

The MEX iPad application links in with a client’s existing MEX system allowing for paperless work to be done. Any updates to the iPad app will inform tradesmen or field workers of all new work immediately. With the MEX iPad app, workers will have far greater control over maintenance operations, including: Assets, Work Orders, Purchasing and Reporting.

Stephen adds, “One of the biggest contributors for causing errors in the workplace is not recording the correct details of a task, which has a knock-on impact onto subsequent actions. By allowing workers to revise data directly from their location, downtime is cut and the risk of inaccurate recording or even forgetting vital information is reduced. Other staff members can also immediately perform action on any new updates. The introduction of a mobile maintenance management system to businesses will reduce counter productivity by allowing real-time updates to the asset management platform.”

MEX has been providing computerised maintenance management solutions to businesses across a range of industries for over 15 years and has evolved with the changing needs of these industries. The MEX iPad application is the next step in this evolution.

Stephen said, “The iPad is fantastic as an entertainment device but there are also many opportunities for businesses to make use of this tool. However, many business apps are just enlarged copies of the iPhone version. What MEX has done is complement the high functionality of the iPad and adapted our maintenance software to work specifically on this platform.”

A trial for the MEX app is available for download at iTunes or from the App store.

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