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MicroMain Announces Latest Version of Award-Winning CMMS Software

MicroMain Maintenance Premium is a comprehensive evolution of the software used by thousands of customers, bringing with it a revised interface and dozens of new features. The release was envisioned as a perfect compromise between form and function, giving users more options while being easier to navigate than ever before.

“We reworked our software with the end-user in mind,” said MicroMain President Pat Conroy, who founded the company in 1991. “From a development perspective, our first priority is always simplicity. We want great software features, but we also want them to be as accessible as possible.”

The development of MicroMain Maintenance Premium was directed by customer feedback and MicroMain’s own cross-industry analysis. New features include a centralized location for managing program and user options, work order lead time, and additional management of inventory locations and levels. Control Center, MicroMain’s new administrative tool, makes it easier to manage user access to work orders,  smartphones/tablets, and web requests.

The biggest change, however, is the improved look and feel. MicroMain Maintenance Premium makes it easier than ever to manage work orders,  set up and track preventive maintenance tasks (PMs), optimize inventory levels, and run reports.

To better serve the diverse needs of MicroMain’s customers, MicroMain Maintenance is now offered in three versions. Maintenance Basic is a cost-effective CMMS perfect for small- or mid-sized companies, while Maintenance Premium is the fully-featured version with expanded built-in features including fleet maintenance, contract management, and advanced reports.

For healthcare organizations, MicroMain offers Maintenance Healthcare, a special edition of Maintenance Premium. It includes tools for generating reports related to regulatory agencies such as The Joint Commission (TJC), tracking compliance, identifying HIPAA-related equipment, plus a full suite of other industry-specific features.

All three versions of MicroMain Maintenance are user-friendly and fully supported by the company’s world-class services department. Both MicroMain Maintenance Premium and MicroMain Maintenance Basic are being offered for the first time with MicroMain Maintenance 7.5.

This newest software release further positions MicroMain as a thought leader in the CMMS / EAM industry. The company has won numerous awards for its software over the past twenty-one years by exploring groundbreaking new ways to streamline maintenance operations and reduce costs, and that tradition continues with Maintenance Premium.

No matter how advanced the technology, MicroMain’s focus is the user experience.

“Our greatest resource for software development is our own customer base,” said Pat Conroy. “Our customers want software that is simple to use but gets results. That’s what we’re delivering.”

About MicroMain

MicroMain Corporation provides award-winning facility management and preventative maintenance software and services to organizations worldwide. At MicroMain, we pride ourselves on personalized services and building close relationships with our customers. For more information call 512-328-3235 or visit us at

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