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Mincom Signs Ecopetrol

One of world’s top 40 petroleum companies expands Mincom EAM implementation - with full integration to SAP ERP across its enterprise - to further improve efficiency and productivity of operations

SANTIAGO, Chile - To further enhance the performance of its regional oil operations, Ecopetrol, one of the 40 largest petroleum companies in the world and one of the four principal petroleum companies in Latin America, has significantly expanded its relationship with Mincom, the leading global provider of software and services to asset-intensive industries.  Building upon a successful 15-year relationship with Mincom, Ecopetrol is upgrading to a new release of Mincom Ellipse, Mincom’s flagship Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution, and adopting Mincom Enterprise Reporting & Analytics for enterprise visibility and Mincom Ellipse Work Management for real-time asset maintenance.

As importantly, Ecopetrol is leveraging Mincom’s out-of-the-box integration to leading ERP applications, seamlessly pairing Mincom’s best-of-breed EAM functionality with the company’s enterprise-wide implementation of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications for HR and Finance.

“We place enormous value on our partnership with Ecopetrol, and believe the company represents a best-practices approach for natural resources companies worldwide who seek to continuously improve operations by optimizing the performance of their assets and workforce,” said Gary Poole, president of Latin America, Mincom. “Ecopetrol also exemplifies how companies can seamlessly implement Mincom Ellipse with their current ERP investments, successfully leveraging Mincom’s best-of-breed EAM functionality with leading ERP applications from SAP or Oracle.”

Ecopetrol and Mincom first partnered in 1994, when Ecopetrol implemented Mincom’s EAM solutions at its refinery in Cartagena, Colombia.  The company then extended its Mincom implementation across 32 operational sites across Colombia.

The management of materials and maintenance across Ecopetrol’s organization - which is comprised of more than 6,000 employees, 32 districts, more than 8,500 kilometres of pipeline, 320,0000 assets, 125 warehouses, 16,000 monthly maintenance orders and 290,000 catalogued inventory items - is centralized and optimized through Mincom Ellipse.  With Mincom Ellipse, Ecopetrol has successfully streamlined its inventory, increased equipment availability and reduced operational costs - achieving a return on investment in five years and savings of millions of dollars in the first implementation project.

Ecopetrol is one of the 40 largest oil companies worldwide and among the four largest oil companies in Latin America.  In addition to Colombia, where the company accounts for 60 percent of the country’s total oil production, Ecopetrol conducts exploration and production activities in Brazil, Peru and the United States (Gulf of Mexico).  For more information, see

About Mincom

Mincom Pty Ltd is a global software and services provider with nearly 30 years of experience in providing business solutions to companies in asset-intensive industries - such as mining, defense, energy and public infrastructure - in more than 40 countries around the world.  Mincom customers are global industry leaders, including Anglo American, Thales, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Boeing, National Grid, London Underground, Xstrata Copper, Western Power, QBuild, BNSF Railway, EDF Energy, Caterpillar and Ecopetrol.  For more information about Mincom, visit

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