Much like flight simulation is to a pilot, Analyst Flight School challenges vibration analysts in a realistic environment of urgency and resource limitations. It is structured to encourage competitive, team-oriented problem solving; where students apply the knowledge obtained in prior vibration theory training courses to a wide variety of real machine problems. Student teams learn to apply themselves in a way that is only available from real or simulated machine failure scenarios. And as a pilot knows, developing real experience during a real situation can have catastrophic consequences. Analysts walk into Analyst Flight School with theoretical training and often limited experience, and walk out qualified as “flight ready”.

Analyst Flight School is offered in two levels; the introductory course (AFS-1) focuses primarily on applying spectrum analysis and field testing techniques such as phase, proper spectrum resolution, diagnosing bad rolling element bearings and a variety of other machine problems. It provides the analyst an understanding of what the data illustrates and follow-on steps to finding the proper diagnosis. AFS-1 turns students into confident, competent analysts. The advanced course (AFS-2) focuses extensively on understanding the time domain and its place in the analyst’s diagnostic tool box. Students will understand how time domain plots supplement FFT analysis, how the spectral plots are affected by the signal shape and how time domain analysis can be indispensable to a correct diagnosis. As with AFS-1, these courses don’t just tell a student how to do it, they demonstrate how by allowing those to learn through their own successes and mistakes in analyzing and solving recreations of complex machine fault scenarios.

“We are excited to introduce Analysts Flight School to our customers which will develop their analytical abilities and confidence that would otherwise take years to achieve,” said Jason Tranter, founder and managing director, Mobius Institute. “Our depth of recreated machine cases and our team-based problem solving format allows analysts to apply what they’ve learned in their traditional courses and teaches them how to solve difficult problems before they run into them in practice. Simply put, Analyst Flight School gives the analyst the skills they need to become one of the best in their field, and their employers will benefit greatly from that.”
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About Mobius Institute

Mobius Institute provides unique and easily understandable vibration analysis training and certification to Predictive Maintenance (PdM) technicians and Reliability Engineers, allowing companies to operate at higher levels of availability and profitability. Mobius delivers vibration analysis and precision maintenance training through classroom and onsite courses via Authorized Training Centers and through Web-based distance learning courses.

Training is also available through its line of computer-based iLearnTM products. Mobius’ key advantage is its use of highly visual 3D animations and advanced simulation tools that make complex concepts easy to understand and remember. Mobius Institute Board of Certification is ISO 9001 certified and is an ISO/IEC 17024 accredited certification body that provides globally recognized certification to personnel in accordance with ISO 18436-1 and 18436-2. More than 9200 analysts from 126 countries have been trained since 2005. Mobius Institute has offices in Australia, the United States and Costa Rica, and Authorized Training Centers in more than 50 countries. For more information, call (615) 216-4811 (GMT -5), email us at learn (at) MobiusInstitute (dot) com or visit

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