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MoviTHERM MIO Series Intelligent I/O Module for FLIR Cameras

IRVINE, Calif., May 17, 2016 -- MoviTHERM announces the immediate release of MIO – a new, intelligent I/O device that provides the missing link for remote monitoring applications involving FLIR thermal cameras.

MoviTHERM's MIO Series Intelligent I/O Module ("MIO") is designed to simplify the architecture of multi-camera monitoring systems. This compact device replaces conventional PC and software-based systems with an elegant, easy-to-install, turnkey solution. Even extensive, multi-camera, remote monitoring set-ups are easier to deploy, thanks to MoviTHERM MIO's inherent scalability. Each MIO unit supports up to seven cameras, and systems can be expanded indefinitely, simply by adding more MIO I/O modules to the network.


MoviTHERM's President and CEO, Markus Tarin, had the following to say about the new MIO product, "When deploying complex, multi-camera thermal monitoring systems in the past, our customers had to invest in server racks full of PCs, specialized monitoring software, electrical cabinets, costly engineering services and lengthy installations. These traditional monitoring systems were very complex, expensive, difficult to configure, and had long lead times attached to them. And expanding them later almost always required a significant engineering effort. This made thermal remote monitoring unattainable for a lot of customers."

"The MIO Series Intelligent I/O Module is changing all of this. The module performs all of these tasks in one small and affordable package. We recently installed a condition monitoring system for a chemical plant with five thermal cameras in one day, including configuration, testing and training. There were no PCs, no software and no programming involved! Just Plug & Play and a simple configuration for the temperature alarms using a web-browser."

"This helped keep the system cost down, reduced the sales cycle, minimized installation time, and saved everyone a lot of time and money."

The MIO Series Intelligent I/O module is designed for virtually any type of thermal monitoring application, such as critical vessel, electrical substation, process monitoring and control, flare stack validation, and so on. The Ethernet-based module is designed to work with two camera models: FLIR AX8 and FLIR A310(f).

"The MoviTHERM MIO Series Intelligent I/O module turns FLIR® cameras instantly into a remote monitoring system!" adds Markus Tarin, President and CEO of MoviTHERM

Contact information:
Markus Tarin, President & CEO
Phone: 949.699.6600 x111

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