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MRG Has Created a PdM Program Assessment Guide

SOUTHBURY, CT: Management Resources Group, Inc. (MRG), a leader in Enterprise Asset Management Solutions, announced today the launch of an evaluation guide that will assist clients in performing vendor assessments, qualifying vendor bids or evaluating their own PdM programs to provide a consistant PdM approach across the enterprise, even when no single PdM provider can cover all plants. “Today the PdM services business is fragmented and characterized by many small, local providers.” Said Will Goetz, CMO of MRG, “In the past, our enterprise clients have struggled to get consistent PdM delivery, even when they do get a single provider for all plants. Our new PdM assessment guide follows the ISO standards and will help to eliminate many of the differences in quality and service found in the market today.”

MRG is an expert in the nuts-and-bolts details of Reliability Engineering, from asset criticality analysis to Reliability Centered Maintenance, to maintenance task development. MRG’s methods align with all of the recognized standards, including ISO 17359, JA 1011/1012 and PAS-55. The new assessment guide extends MRG’s focus on standards and consists of a series of checklists that enable clients to audit and optimize their PdM programs and service providers, ultimately giving them peace of mind in knowing that their PdM work is being done correctly. Service providers will also benefit from using the guide as a benchmark for the quality of their offerings.

To learn more about Management Resources Group, Inc. visit:  or call (203)264-0500.

Management Resources Group, Inc. is a professional services firm dedicated to assisting our clients in their efforts to optimize the reliability and performance of their physical assets, thereby maximizing the financial and business return on those assets. Founded in 1987, Management Resources Group, Inc. is dedicated to encouraging awareness of proactive maintenance practices and processes across the globe.

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