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MSI Announces Acquisition of Energy Reduction and Recovery Turbonetics and Foil Bearing Technologies

WHIPPANY, N.J. - In keeping with the company’s commitment to improved energy efficiency, leading mechanical engineering firm Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) of Whippany, N.J., recently announced its acquisition of the technology, tooling and rights associated with the Foster-Miller (F-M) TEI (Turbonetics) Turbine / Generator set and Foil Bearing. Representing extraordinary value for MSI’s customers, the two technologies respectively will facilitate improved steam plant efficiency and decreased machinery energy consumption, and will assist MSI in its ongoing efforts to serve as a leader in sustainability initiatives associated with the engineering industry.

As part of this recent acquisition, MSI will be expanding its corporate platform to include a new business unit that will support new equipment sales and installations of the Turbonetics Turbine / Generator sets, as well as replacement parts production and the servicing of current Turbonetics machines. Unique radial steam turbines which offer comparatively small size and high efficiency versus traditional steam turbine designs, Turbonetics machines already operate in a number of facilities today.

Each Turbonetics turbine / generator set will recover 1-3 Megawatts of electricity from otherwise wasted steam. Relatively inexpensive to install, these systems typically will result in a net positive economic return within one year after operation of the new set begins and approximately $500,000 in annual savings thereafter through the typical continued operation of the Turbonetics set.

F-M’s foil bearing technology will be integrated into MSI’s existing business of developing new turbomachinery for manufacturers. A type of air bearing, foil bearings are used primarily in aircraft auxiliary power units and other high-speed turbomachinery. In many new applications this technology is able to replace bulky and expensive traditional oil lubrication systems, while facilitating the additional key benefits of decreased energy usage, high temperature capability and reduced maintenance.

“As a company that prides itself on using the latest in sustainable technology, we are extremely excited by this recent acquisition,” stated William Marscher, president and chief technology officer of MSI. “We are confident that the use of these pioneering technologies will help our clients to realize significant cost-savings through reductions in energy consumption, and will enhance the environmental efficiency of our clients’ operations.”

The Turbonetics turbine and generator set originally was developed to replace energy-losing valves in steam plants. This energy recovery niche has become extremely relevant today, as steam plants in facilities that range from hospitals, universities and office complexes to refineries and other industries all strive to improve plant efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint.

Widespread use of this machinery would have a substantial impact on energy consumption throughout the national electric power grid. Further, as Turbonetics machines already are operational, these significant benefits can be realized without the costly and time-consuming process of developing new technology.

Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) has offices in Albany, N.Y., Baltimore M.D., Canaan N.H., and Littleton N.H., in addition to its headquarters location in Whippany, N.J. A leading mechanical engineering firm, MSI provides design, analysis, and testing services worldwide to manufacturers, equipment users, and U.S. government agencies for a diverse range of products. MSI is an expert in machinery design, rotordynamics, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, and comprehensive mechanical testing which includes telemetry and experimental modal analysis, for example. In each of these technical disciplines, MSI possesses in-depth experience. Key applications in MSI’s extensive background have included turbines, compressors, fans, pumps, biomedical devices, defense products, and electronics packaging. For additional information, please visit www.mechsol.com

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