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NEC Avio Infrared Camera Enhances Energy Audits and Building Inspections

Los Angeles, CA - NEC Avio Infrared Technologies expands the popular R300 series of Thermal Imaging Cameras with the introduction of the new R300S high-definition thermal imager that includes a host of advanced capabilities such as high sensitivity (NETD) of 0.025˚C at 30˚C, exclusive olive color palette, improved averaging, thermal movie recording to SD card in radiometric format (10fps), thermal/visible integrated images in composite/split-screen display, autofocus, a 3.1 MP visible camera, and a wired remote control unit.

The R300S’s exclusive olive color palette allows the user to notice slight temperature differences of an object with finer detection of anomalies during Building Inspection surveys. Even blood vessels can be clearly identified through the top of a hand. Additionally, a new grid display feature assists with locating the center of the IR image and positioning the object both horizontally or vertically.

The R300S’s 320x240 microbolometer detector provides a high spatial resolution of 1.2 mrad (I.F.O.V) in a spectral range of 8 to 14 microns or the temperature measuring range of -40°C to 120°C (-40°F to 248°F). Other features include multi-point emissivity correction and emissivity back calculation for better accuracy, high-speed auto focusing, automatic/simultaneous temperature scaling, and vertical/horizontal panoramic thermal imaging.

The full range of recording modes includes still visual and IR images, time interval, movies, panoramas, composites and a voice annotation microphone and speaker built into the R300S. These specifications are complemented with a selection of optional lenses such as 2x telephoto, 2x wide-angle, close-up, etc. to expand field application versatility.

The R300S ergonomic design is well balanced for comfort with two independent REC/FRZ keys located on the top and rear panels for easy and flexible operation in the field. A separate viewfinder is included for use in bright light environments and a glare resistant, tilting LCD monitor that allows the user to hold the camera and capture images in a comfortable position from any angle.

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