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Network Encryption Device Known as Project Sierra Allows Users to Browse the Internet Anonymously

Entrepreneur and Founder of Simplified Network Solutions, LLC Kerry Cox, Jr. has developed a new, consumer-grade device called Project Sierra that allows internet users to surf the web anonymously. After serving in the U.S. Army for close to seven years and working for multiple Fortune 500 companies and government institutions to design, deploy and manage mission critical systems and networks, Cox was inspired to help internet users protect their identity and location online while providing them with the comfort of security.

Although there are benefits to the recent advances in technology, like the wealth of information, exchange of ideas, connections with lost friends and family and more, it has become surprisingly easy to track a user’s online activities and store that information to access at any time. On top of these advances in technology, the recent NSA scandal brought to light by Edward Snowden has made network encryption and information protection more important than ever.

But, with the ease of use of technology and the “always on” internet connection, the vast majority of users are exposed - webcams, smart phones, tablets and more can broadcast everything a user is doing.

Without making any changes to a user’s computer or network configuration, Project Sierra will add an extra level of security by encrypting all network traffic; ensuring online activities are not tracked and recorded by anyone. The touchscreen device is easy to set up - just plug it in and it’s ready to set up proxies by making it appear as though a user’s IP address is in another location.

“I decided to launch this project because I don’t think it’s right that everything we do online could be recorded…without us even knowing it,” says Cox. “Also, I want to give people without a technical background access to the connected world without the fear of someone spying on their daily activities.”

On Wednesday, October 1, 2014, Cox will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund the first production run of the Project Sierra device. Early adopters and internet users who are interested in purchasing the device and helping Cox reach his funding goal of $150,000 can place all pre-orders on Kickstarter at that time. If the project reaches its funding goal, Cox will move the product to production and get it to market. In the future, the Project Sierra device will retail for anywhere from $249.99 to $299.99, and some of the first Kickstarter backers will receive significantly discounted pricing. To learn more, visit

About Project Sierra
Project Sierra is a global network with a consumer-grade, Android-based, plug-and-play device that will encrypt all of a user’s network traffic and enable them to surf the web anonymously. Encrypting network traffic is essential to avoiding having online activities tracked and recorded. Project Sierra will add an extra level of security without making any changes to a computer or network configuration. To learn more, visit
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