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New 672u 20-channel vibration analyzer for high-channel count applications

The 672u includes 20 input channels with direct integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) support.

Each of the 20 analog inputs features a dedicated 24-bit delta sigma ADC for superior resolution and accuracy. The 655u offers a ±40V input range and can accommodate a variety of analog input types including accelerometer, velomiter, proximity probe, microphone, tachometer, or other voltage input. Also included is a 4 mA bias current with AC coupling for IEPE sensors.

The 672u is compatible with IOtech’s eZ-Series software: eZ-TOMAS and eZ-TOMAS Remote for rotating machine analysis, eZ-Analyst for real-time vibration and acoustic analysis, and eZ-Balance for machine balancing.

DASYLab® driver support for the 600 Series has also been expanded to include the 672u.

Pricing & Availability
• IOtech 672u Dynamic Signal Analyzer is $19,999 in single unit quantity with a four week lead time.

About IOtech
IOtech is a leading producer of data acquisition hardware and software for use in test and measurement applications, specializing in the areas of portable stress, vibration, and sound analysis.

Information about IOtech is available on the Web at www.iotech.com