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New Agreement Expands Global Availability of Lloyd’s Register Risk-Based Inspection & Maintenanc

Lloyd’s Register and Bayer Technology Services GmbH are to collaborate on expanding global access to Lloyd’s Register Capstone’s RBMI software. RBMI is a market-leading fully integrated risk-based inspection and integrity management tool, used across the energy, refining and chemical industry. Bayer Technology Services will use its network of regional offices in Europe, Middle East, Americas and Asia to provide the software tool and associated engineering services to clients in search of rapid time-to-value and facility risk reduction.

The agreement means operators of industrial process equipment around the world will have further opportunity to implement enhanced mitigation of the risk of equipment failure, while reducing the cost of routine inspections, avoiding unplanned down-time, and easing regulatory compliance. The agreement with Bayer Technology Services brings greater geographic coverage, as well as providing easier access to Bayer’s technical expertise in plant maintenance and operation, alongside the asset performance management expertise of the Lloyd’s Register Group.

Dirk-Jan Schuld, Lloyd’s Register’s Operations Manager for RBMI in Europe, Middle East and Africa said, This agreement with Bayer Technology Services helps us to place more emphasis with clients to ensure stakeholders in the upstream, downstream and power industries understand the risks relating to plant, equipment and systems, and take positive action to mitigate that risk. It provides reassurance and commitment to help business deliver safe and reliable performing operations.

To secure the growing demands in industry for safety, the life of existing assets has to be extended in a way that is safe, reliable and cost efficient.  Dr. Michael Renner, Vice President Bayer Technology Services and Global Product Group Manager Materials Technology commented, With our newly created sales and technical alliance agreement with Lloyd’s Register, combining the technical expertise and risk-based inspection experience of our own company with the most advanced IT risk-based inspection tool of Lloyd’s Register, we are striving to help businesses manage their plants and processes in a safer environment, and without jeopardizing economic performance. We are well-placed to provide advice to industry and our expertise will help to ensure better and more cost-effective safety performance.

The commitment to safety by Lloyd’s Register and Bayer Technology Services GmbH is recognised as a significant source of competence for industry, where stakeholders seek solutions to complex challenges in the way plants and processes are managed and operated safely, reliably and sustainably.

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