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New ASTM Test Method for Sampling Greases from In-Service Machinery

In this practice, a consistent and repeatable method is outlined for obtaining trendable samples from motor-operated valves, gearboxes, pillow-block bearings, electric motors, exposed bearings, open gears, or failed grease-lubricated components. This allows for analysis and inspection of in-service lubricating grease that aids in predicting the life and condition of the grease-lubricated component. This information can be combined with other technologies such as infrared imaging, vibration analysis, and ultrasonic vibration analysis to predict when a machine may fail. The knowledge gained by the aforementioned analyses, in addition to the knowledge gained from the in-service lubricating grease analysis and inspection, may allow for more overall uptime by aiding in the prediction of grease-lubricated component failures as part of a predictive maintenance schedule. The prediction of a failing grease-lubricated component will also improve the level of safety of all who work around the component.

With the Grease Thief sampling kits, users can develop sampling procedures consistent with the guidance in the ASTM standard practice, and ensure reliable, trendable analysis.  The Grease Thief samplers can be used with Kittiwake’s ANALEXfdMplus ferrous debris analyzer for rapid wear level determination.  In the Grease Thief Analyzer the sampling devices are connected to an extrusion die for consistency evaluation, and sample preparation to obtain insight into Wear, Consistency, Contamination and Oxidation condition of grease samples.

For further information on Grease Thief sampling kits, the Grease Thief die extrusion analyzer, and grease analysis services, please contact MRG Labs, 2101 Pennsylvania Ave, York, PA 17404 Tel: 717-699-2908; FAX: 425-696-8725; or visit our web site

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