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Meggitt Introduces New Shock Accelerometers


The Endevco® model 7284 series is the triaxial version of the company’s popular single-axis 7280A series, sharing the same footprint, bolt pattern and highly survivable sensing system, while making high g shock measurements across three mutually perpendicular axes. The robust design of the model 7284 incorporates three sensors mounted in a triaxial arrangement within a single housing. Each axis features a unique piezoresistive MEMS sensor with light gas damping to attenuate resonant amplitudes and prevent breakage in overload conditions. Because units are only lightly damped, they still accurately respond to fast rise times and short duration shock motion. All sensing elements are manufactured in-house at Meggitt’s own ISO9001 certified MEMS facility in Sunnyvale, California, USA.

With a frequency response extending down to dc (steady state), the 7284 series can measure long duration transient shocks. Simple screw mount installation with factory controlled and tested cross-axis performance makes the model 7284 much easier and more cost effective to install than three single axis accelerometers with a mounting block. The sensor features a robust eight-conductor cable designed to repeatedly withstand high-g shock acceleration inputs. Input voltage of 5V and cable length of 48 inches are standard, but both are easily configured to customer requirements.

Recommended accessories for the Endevco® model 7284 series include the model 126 three-channel DC bridge amplifier; the model 136 three-channel signal conditioner; and the model 436 DC differential voltage amplifier. Please note that global sale of this product is subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and as such, a license is required for all non-US shipments, with the product also potentially subject to other restrictions on its sale and use. Please consult the factory for details. For more information, visit

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