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NEW ICON LAYOUT FOR SuperSMITH Weibull Engineering software

The new icon layout shown below consolidates common functionality with unique tools for variability modeling, trend analysis, and forecasting. The familiar data grid (data input and data edit) and results box (plots and reports) remain virtually unchanged. Changes involve integration of the larger-sized icons with associated drop-down menus in a simplified pattern. All previous functionality is retained with new functionality added in specialized areas such as Abernethy Risk, Accelerated Testing, Barringer Process Reliability, Crow/AMSAA Reliability Growth, and Monte Carlo Simulation.

Fulton Findings is offering one-time upgrades to previous owners of the same software at 30% of present list price. Maintenance agreements, one-year of upgrades upon demand, are 40% of present list price each year. The SuperSMITH package present list price is $960.00 (USD), and quantity discounts are available. Shipping/Handling (S/H) within the U.S. is $20.00 each, foreign S/H is $40.00 each. Contact Wes Fulton at Fulton Findings for more information ... TEL: 310-548-6358 (USA), ADDR: P.O. Box 6517, San Pedro, CA, 90734 USA, WEBSITE: http://www.WeibullNews.com

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