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New Improved Process Sensors Model MB35 Infrared Thermometer


Pyrometer Series Metis MB35 with Temperature Range starting at 35°C, utilizes a lead selenide detector with filtered spectral response of 2 - 5 µm. Applications include Co2 laser heating, composites & metal surfaces above 35°C. The emissivity of metallic surfaces decrease with shorter wavelengths, therefore offer much better performance than pyrometers with a longer wavelength response e.g. 8 - 14µm. Other major advantages are smaller spot sizes, fast response times and digital signal processing which provides for very wide temperature ranges.

The Metis Series of infrared pyrometers are highly versatile instruments offering 2 solutions for aiming: See-through optics or laser. There is also a fixed focus version for extremely small spot sizes. Optical and electronic parts are housed in a rugged IP65, extruded aluminium casting.

The multifaceted, self contained, PSC Models MB35 is packed with extraordinary features and offers adjustable focus, digital RS232, RS485 or Profibus digital communication interfaces, analog 4 to 20 mA outputs and very fast 3ms, speed of response.

Control features and functions, recording and storing of graphics or tables and pyrometer settings can be configured via a PC using PSCWin Software.  Some of the available accessories for the Metis Series include a swivel base mount, water-cooling jacket and air purge, scanning mirror and adj. mounting bracket.

Process Sensor Corp. offers a wide range of simple to sophisticated, non-contact

infrared temperature sensors, thermal imaging and thermal line camera systems to meet the most demanding on-line industrial process applications and OEM performance requirements.

For more information contact Scott Nagle at Process Sensors Corporation,
787 Susquehanna Avenue, Franklin Lakes, N.J. 07417. (201) 485-8773, 8772.,

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