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New Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Tester From CorDEX

  • UT5000 with CorDEX CONNECTTM provides exact location of each measurement for new level of efficiency and safety
  • Accurately pinpoints and stores corrosion and thickness measurements for later analysisCorDEX Instruments, a specialist in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof instruments for non-destructive testing (NDT), introduces the UT5000 with CorDEX CONNECTTM, the first intrinsically safe handheld ultrasonic tester to deliver a comprehensive preventative maintenance system for pipelines and similar hazardous environments.

CorDEX is demonstrating the UT5000 at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, which runs through May 4.

The UT5000 with CorDEX CONNECT uses RFID technology to locate and log up to 1,000 measurements, each linked to a specific location. Automated logging increases accuracy and efficiency because it eliminates manual recording and reduces the chances field notes will be lost. Data points and their connected locations are logged correctly the first time, saving time and expense.

Once collected, the UT5000’s CorDEX CONNECT software organizes the data, providing a view of the pipeline at any specific location. A unique corrosion mode helps identify thinning spots, and MultiECHOTM technology improves measurement accuracy on uneven surfaces.

For the first time, the combination of location tagging, measurement accuracy and analysis capabilities provides the information required to build a comprehensive predictive maintenance program that delivers increased efficiency and safety while reducing risk.

“More than two and a half million miles of pipeline deliver oil and gas to communities and businesses around the U.S. alone,” said CorDEX Instruments General Manager Marcus Halliday. “Multiply that many times around the world. Pipeline maintenance programs based on solid information can save companies millions of dollars and avert dangerous failures. The UT5000 can safely and rapidly measure any corrosion and, with its smart RFID technology, can build the robust reports required to identify and trend developing trouble spots.”

About the UT5000

  • The UT5000 is tested for Zone 1 IIC T4 hazardous areas, so no hot work permit is required.
  • Designed for rugged environments, an overmolded body protects a 3.1” RGB TFT color screen with backlight. The dual-element, 4MHz transducer is adjustable up to 10Hz with accuracy of +/- 0.05mm.
  • UT5000 accuracy is +/- 0.05mm, in both single point and continuous measurement mode, delivering unprecedented accuracy and flexibility to classified area NDT inspectors.
  • The UT5000 is available through major North American distributors. Additional accessories, including extra transducers, software and RFID tags, are also available.

About CorDEX Connect

  • CorDEX CONNECTTM is the first system to integrate RFID technology, reporting software and a handheld intrinsically safe tester to enable predictive maintenance for pipelines and fixed equipment in hazardous areas.
  • The UT5000 Ultrasonic Tester with CorDEX CONNECT uses RFID to tag every thickness measurement with a specific location, date and time. A proprietary software program then collects and organizes the data, giving engineers a comprehensive view of the pipeline at any specific location.
  • With CorDEX CONNECT, those responsible for monitoring pipeline safety can use data collected by anyone in the field to create predictive maintenance programs. Using CorDEX CONNECT trend analysis capabilities, trouble spots can be identified from measurements taken over multiple visits.

For more information about the UT5000 with CorDEX Connect and other intrinsically safe inspection and NDT CorDEX equipment, visit www.cordexinstruments.com.

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