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New Line of Infrared Products introduced by Process Sensors Corporation

Metis Self Contained Infrared Pyrometer SeriesThe Metis Series of infrared pyrometers are highly versatile instruments offering three solutions for aiming: see-through lens, laser and video.

There is also a fixed focus version for very small spot sizes. The multifaceted MP23 and MP25 are packed with features and offer adjustable focus, digital and 4 to 20 mA analog outputs, a choice of RS232 or RS485 digital communication interfaces, and fast response.

Control features and functions, recording and storing of graphics or tables and settings can be operated by PC using the available PSCWin Software or automatically by digital commands.

Some of the available accessories for the Metis Series include a swivel base mount, water-cooling and air purge, air purge, and mounting bracket.

Website: www.ProcessSensorsIR.com  

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