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New MAINTelligence™ 4.5 Release Adds Predictive Maintenance and Internet Portal Capabilities

The latest version of MAINTelligence has improved the user experience in the areas of predictive maintenance, with new interfaces for vibration analysis and ultrasonic detection. Extensive additions have been made to the Bill Of Materials / Parts Management module, including a new “Smart Client” that accesses MAINTelligence data via a new set of web services. Finally, an onboard camera interface and ability to directly upload captured images has been added to MAINTelligence and InspectCETM.

According to Design Maintenance Systems Inc., “We are excited about the development of interfaces to the Commtest vBSeries® brand of vibration analyzers. Commtest is part of GE Bently Nevada and is a world leader in terms of value and capability. The addition of the Commtest vBSeries® brand of data collectors to MAINTelligenceTM produces a predictive maintenance and reliability system that offers enterprise-level information integration with state-of-the-art vibration diagnostics.”

The new “Smart Client” portal technology for MAINTelligence enables users to access data from Internet-enabled devices without using Citrix/Terminal Server or inadequate HTML-based web clients. The first of these portals, (Parts / Bill Of Materials) is now available; other portals will be made available in the future.

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About Design Maintenance Systems
Design Maintenance Systems Inc. (DMSI) produces MAINTelligenceTM, the world’s only fully integrated system for maintenance management, predictive maintenance, data collection and analysis, and asset basic care. DMSI’s approach to the field of reliability and maintenance is to provide innovative and flexible software tools that meet the varied demands of our customers. Our customers benefit by having automatic integration of what normally constitutes three separate software systems (EAM/CMMS, PdM, and TPM/inspection systems). Other companies have strengths in individual areas, but DMSI is unique in having the complete package (both products and service capability) in a single system.


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