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New Microgage 2D Spindle and Lathe Alignment Measuring Kit

Peabody, Massachusetts:  Pinpoint Laser SystemsÒ has introduced a new measuring and alignment system for lathes, turning equipment, spindles, and related machinery.  This Spindle Alignment Kit is unique to the market.  It’s turnkey, easy to use, and ready to go right on the factory floor.  Ideal applications include aligning lathes and turning centers, adjusting boring mills, aligning drive shafts, adjusting barfeeders, and many other industrial applications.  This newest Microgage system provides information on runout, centerline offset, parallelism, concentricity and other useful parameters that can guide machinery back to optimal alignment and improved profits.

This Pinpoint lathe & spindle alignment system is simple and quick to use with a round laser that is secured into a chuck or attached to the end of a shaft or spindle.  A dual-axis receiver is placed on the tailstock, tool holder, or another piece of equipment that can receive the laser beam.  As the laser and the receiver move relative to each other the digital display provides a precise reading of the alignment and machine’s characteristics.  This new Microgage Spindle Alignment tool can measure to a precision of 0.0001 inch or better and the laser allows for alignments over distances as great as 150 feet.  The recent introduction of Pinpoint’s newest Microgage 2D brings added precision, easy to follow screen instructions and new optical and digital technology to the alignment of spindles and lathes.

The Kit operates on batteries and all components are machined of solid anodized aluminum or stainless steel for wear resistance.  A serial and USB interface connect to a laptop or PC and link to popular spreadsheets for plotting and analyzing data for maintenance records, customer compliance and other uses.  This Microgage system includes a compact carrying case to store the components and is easily carried right out onto the manufacturing floor.

Since 1992 Pinpoint has offered a broad line of easy-to-use products that incorporate lasers, optics, electronics, and solidly built mechanical features. Customers in industries as diverse as semiconductor equipment manufacturers to pet food producers use the tool for both routine and complex measuring and alignment tasks deliver measuring resolution of 0.0001 inch and work over ranges of 180 feet.  Pinpoint’s measuring equipment is actively used in the aerospace industry,  machine shops, paper and textile mills, shipbuilding facilities, extrusion plants, and electronic assembly facilities, to name a few.  Pinpoint has worked closely with many manufacturers to develop specialized alignment systems for robotic applications, medical scanning devices, and numerous other applications.

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