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New Product Launch - SDT200 Ultrasonic Detector Energy Conservation for the Masses

Listen beyond the noise of your plant. Pinpoint compressed air leaks through miles of twisting air lines with laser point accuracy. Quickly inspect hundreds of steam traps. Confidently re-lubricate motor bearings with digital accuracy. Let the SDT200 chart a course for less energy waste, more efficient processes, and a greener environment.

SDT puts its 35 years of ultrasound “know-how” into the SDT200. The company has a long standing reputation for designing high-end ultrasound measurement solutions for Predictive Maintenance, Reliability, and Condition Based Monitoring professionals. With a presence in more than 50 countries many consider SDT to be the global leader in ultrasound instrument design.

Andre Degraeve, Managing Director of SDT International says, “With the global economic crisis we see a demand for a high quality ultrasound detector that is primarily focused on energy conservation and environmental applications. The SDT200 provides a robust, high quality solution to a market segment that wants a high performance instrument at an affordable price point. While our core business remains focused on providing top end solutions to PdM/CBM/Reliability clients, we are excited by this opportunity to participate in the energy conservation market without compromising our high quality standards.”

With the global economy at a crossroads, International Sales Director, Allan Rienstra cites, “There has never been a more timely arrival for a product like the SDT200. Energy management has become a survival key for companies reeling from the credit crisis in America as well as the current economic realities in Europe. Companies that choose to pursue easy savings through effiicient compressed air and steam systems will remain competitive in a world where energy prices are rising and profit margins are falling. I am enthusiastically eager to offer a product to a market segment that until now had to compromise quality and value for price.” The SDT200 officially launches May 2nd, 2012.

The company will start accepting pre-orders on May 3rd with deliveries scheduled for May 28th. To HEAR MORE about the SDT200 visit www.sdthearmore.com/products/SDT200.

About SDT
SDT International is a global leader in the development of high end ultrasound measurement instruments for predictive maintenance, leak detection, tightness testing and quality control. SDT remains true to its reputation for intelligent instrument and software design. Their flagship product, the SDT270 and Ultranalysis Suite represents a revolution for ultrasound inspection. Their head office is located in Brussels, Belgium. Their North America support office is located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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