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New Release of DNV GL’s Maros Software Models Full Supply Chain for Process Industry

Expanding the scope of RAM analysis
With the new release of Maros software, users can incorporate product transport and tank modelling into a RAM study, previously available in Taro software. This significantly expands the scope of RAM analysis software for the oil and gas industry, enabling customers to further improve the return on investment of their assets.

The Maros and Taro simulation engine combines more than 30 years of DNV GL experience in assisting oil and gas companies to identify optimum design configuration, maintenance strategy and risk associated with the operation of upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas assets.

“Maros and Taro are at the forefront of technology for modelling assets in the oil and gas industry. With the next generation of this software, users will have the most effective tool available on the market to manage their assets. In a period with oil prices under pressure, understanding the risks and potential financial impact is essential to ensure a healthy business,” says DNV GL - Software Managing Director Are Føllesdal Tjønn.

Sensitivity Manager software tool
The latest release of Maros and Taro software also includes a new tool, Sensitivity Manager, for running sensitivity cases. For example, maintenance strategies may vary depending on the risk of seasonal weather events. Testing all the possible outcomes for a single parameter in ‘what if’ studies is crucial, but up until now it has been a lengthy and laborious process. Sensitivity Manager enables this crucial step of RAM analysis.

By loading a base case from Maros and Taro, Sensitivity Manager empowers analysts to thoroughly investigate different options with a pre-defined set of sensitivity types. After running a number of sensitivity cases, the analyst can compare results from all scenarios and find the best balance between investment and return.

With Maros, users can implement constantly improving ‘evergreening’ asset management through RAM analysis during all stages of a project lifecycle, including operations.

“The new revamped simulation engine has added a lot to the next generation of Maros and Taro, but there is more to come,” says Victor Borges, RAM Product Manager at DNV GL - Software. “Sensitivity Manager also extends Maros and Taro capabilities and will play an important role during the asset lifecycle. Our users will save time when finding the most important scenarios for further analyses. Sensitivity Manager will organize, run and compare the results,” he says.

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